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Ankita Tripati

Top 10 Mobile Recharge Software

Getting mobile recharge script is also an easy task. You can start your own venture about recharging your mobile phones and gaining likeable amount from each transaction. Let’s see how to start with the top 10 mobile recharge software providers:


We have seen the use of Paytm in our lives recently. To build a business in the similar field, recharge script has script with various features, lets have a … Read More

Top 10 Php Payment Gateway Scripts

With the growing needs and growing technological advancements, our dependency on a single app doesn’t sound good. We might have planned for a similar business like Paytm but reverted due to lack of technical influence to create own app. So, worry not, we have Top 10 Php Payment Gateway Scripts sorted here for you:

  1. Prevue/Paytm Clone Script: 

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Why you need a chatbot for business?

Today the business world has grown to an extent that missing out on even a single detail at that very moment can cause us hefty losses. We have competition levels rising up the bars and leaving behind a trail of unavailability is just not done. We all seek for solutions that allow us to work 24/7 even when we are asleep or taking time off work. For entrepreneurs, large or … Read More