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‘Shuriken’ approach to increase App installs

Being growth hackers for the past 10 years, we have created and implemented many ingenious traffic techniques that have benefited many online businesses & Startups. Off-late our combined interest has been on creating a technique or instrument that can break all barriers and bring in an avalanche of high quality visitors that can lead to high percentage of conversions ( ie. Mobile app installations, Sales conversions etc. )

Marketing Automation

The aim

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Top 10 Uber clone scripts with app templates

Uber clone script

In this post lets take a look at the top 10 Uber clone scripts with app templates. While looking at the lets check out the Pro’s & Con’s of each Turn-key software.

  1. Smart Car Tech ( Get it HERE )

Well, this is more than just an Uber clone. They seem to have got everything worked out. This ready-made software has more features than anyone can ask for ( infact Read More

¡El futuro del software del alquiler del vehículo está en la conducción del uno mismo!

En este post permite tomar una inmersión profunda y mirar en los diversos elementos a buscar en un buen software de alquiler de vehículos y donde todo este espacio se dirige.

Elección de la audiencia!

Mejor software de alquiler de vehículos del año: Tecnología de coche inteligente

Incluso antes de eso permite discutir sobre lo que es la necesidad de un sistema de alquiler de vehículos y cómo las cosas … Read More