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‘Shuriken’ approach to increase App installs

Being growth hackers for the past 10 years, we have created and implemented many ingenious traffic techniques that have benefited many online businesses & Startups. Off-late our combined interest has been on creating a technique or instrument that can break all barriers and bring in an avalanche of high quality visitors that can lead to high percentage of conversions ( ie. Mobile app installations, Sales conversions etc. )

Marketing Automation

The aim

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LinkedIn Cheatsheet for Instant Leads & Profits

The Secret:
Don’t see LinkedIn as a Business Social Network

While LinkedIn markets itself as a Social Network, thats not the right way to see it if you want to mine LinkedIn for Leads & Profits.

Marketing Automation

You need to see LinkedIn as a B2B Search Engine.

Yes! LinkedIn is a Search Engine used by thousands of professionals, businesses & investors to find the right professional or business … Read More

Basic website marketing tips on how to promote your website

Website marketing and promotion is one of the most essential part of making your Online business a hit . However big your idea is or however beautiful your website is – it needs visitors ie. Traffic .  Targeted visitors & traffic is one thing that will bring a smile on your face – as it is from this point on the entire world of Online business opens you in front … Read More

8 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Business From Home

Starting a business from home can contribute enormous resilience and  balanced work life but in reality it carries its own set of challenges. Starting a business from home will be stagnant and it’s tough to keep filling the imagination on your own.

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Here are 8 mistakes to avoid when starting business from home

1.Spending too much time at homeRead More