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Top 10 Mobile Recharge Software

Getting mobile recharge script is also an easy task. You can start your own venture about recharging your mobile phones and gaining likeable amount from each transaction. Let’s see how to start with the top 10 mobile recharge software providers:


We have seen the use of Paytm in our lives recently. To build a business in the similar field, recharge script has script with various features, lets have a … Read More

Top 10 Php Payment Gateway Scripts

With the growing needs and growing technological advancements, our dependency on a single app doesn’t sound good. We might have planned for a similar business like Paytm but reverted due to lack of technical influence to create own app. So, worry not, we have Top 10 Php Payment Gateway Scripts sorted here for you:

  1. Prevue/Paytm Clone Script: 

Ever wonder of starting your own business in developing a mobile digital Wallet? … Read More



The start-up trend is catching up and here to stay. Over the years, many people have been inspired by the obvious success of some entrepreneurs. Let me tell you, it hasn’t been a cake walk. Though it might look like one. Sure the stories of Facebook being what it is today would’ve given you the impression. How a small search engine company, with four guys  sitting in a garage made … Read More

4 Lessons to learn from the movie “The Breakfast Club”


A limited timing of entertainment and still speaking to us about a life story, movies are such kind a thing. It brings light to a story, short or long. One such movie engages with the core subject of the behavior of some High School students and how the society judges them. The movie we are referring to today is listed as one of the greatest High School film of Hollywood.… Read More

10 best Natural Language Processing Tutorial providers

Natural processing Language :

Basically, this kind of language processing focuses on developing algorithms that are mostly language specific or ‘perform well only on closed-domain text’.

The tutorials given below takes a detailed view of several human language technical aspects and current approaches that use Natural Processing Language for web specific knowledge tasks. Tutorials :

Research at Google : everything at one place [check here]

There are 231 publications on … Read More