Top 5 online business ideas to try out in 2014

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The internet has been a favorite destination to start a business with as low as ZERO investment …and if executed well can even turn to a multi-million dollar business in a very quick time frame . Since we are nearing the end of 2013 – lets take a look at some of the best online business ideas for 2014 .

* E-Books :

One area in which people have made thousands of dollars in the past year is on E-Books . Gone are the days you would need to publish a physical book > search for a publisher > Market it etc. With technology in place you can create your eBook instantly and start selling and counting in the money in a short time frame .

The reasons I choose E-Books as one the best online business ideas for 2014 are :

– You can make money in any area you already have expertise in ( Cooking , Health , Tech , Child care , Mech , Fitness , Novel , Travel , Science etc. ..and even Erotic types ) .

– All that you need to do is invest your time .

– There is always a big audience available on any area you write ( the more interesting it is – the more it will sell )

– You can easily do it in your part time , not needing to leave your job .

Also you have a variety of services to instantly get your e-Book selling . Some of the best resources to publish your e-book to millions of audiences are :

Lean Pub : A new and happening service – where you can even start collecting money by just announcing to the community what your eBook is going to be about . Once you reach a critical number of funders , you can write the e-Book and publish it and make even more sales .

Tuts Plus : An amazing marketplace buzzing with buyers . You can write e-Books on tutorials on any topic and submit to this site . A best place to get a continues stream of income , as most of the buyers here are subscribers who pay every month to get the latest book – so you get a good share of this continues in-flowing money , if your e-Book is accepted in this marketplace .

Amazon : Good old Amazon is the worlds biggest marketplace for eBooks . Your book published here can reach millions and millions of buyers instantly over night ! Thanks to the KINDLE eco system they have created – any book you publish here is sure to get visibility & sales instantly . You also have free tools in there to design your ebook pages , cover etc.

Good reads : A property of Amazon , Good reads is a splendid place to market your eBook and its crowded 24/7 with book lovers constantly checking out new e-Books and reviews etc. A best place to put your e-Book before those hungry eye-balls .

Points to note :

– Reason eBooks can be considered one of the best online business ideas for 2014 is that buyers love to read new content . When priced at a killer price of say $1-$5 per download … people wont think twice to check it out .

– Take time to create a real fascinating eBook. And once done if you can get some good reviews in the marketplaces mentioned above , your eBook has all the chance to become viral and sell thousands of copies over night .

online business ideas 2014

* Mobile apps :

Mobile apps have been one of the platforms that has even made college kids millionaires & Billionaires in 2013 , Yet it again tops as one of the best online business ideas for 2014 . Though there are so many mobile apps in the app stores – we can safely say the market has not even reached 5% of its saturation point . The mobile market in 2014 is gonna see many more big players jumping in – bringing along with it a LOT more users .

One of the advisable strategies in doing a mobile app is to start with an Android app and then slowly make it for the IOS and Windows phone markets – as Android is penetrating the market like mad into nearly all the hardware providers Big or Small . From $20 mobile phones to $1000 mobile phones Android has a wide variety of Hand sets its installed on – which brings along millions and millions of users from all countries across the world . If you can make a really good & interesting Mobile app and target it for a particular demographics – you can easily get thousands of users , from whom the word will spread to bring in more users ( this is how many multi-million mobile app companies made it big ) . Once you have a real good user base in the Android market you can next think of making a version of it for the Windows market – as the Windows market is still evolving and its evolving fast ( thanks to the aggressiveness and money backing from Microsoft ) . After making it good in both the Android & Windows phone market – next you can release a version of it in the IOS market .

Points to Note :

– Having a Mobile app in the Android market can bring you a lot of user base . But the down side is Android users are not used to buying paid versions of apps . So you should release a FREE app here and make money with Mobile Ads from AdMob , M Media , Adfonic , TapJoy etc.

Once your app is a hit in the Android & Windows market you can bring up a version of it in the IOS market and make it a Paid app there ( like $.99 per download ) and get a new revenue channel – as IOS users are very comfortable in buying apps .

– If you think developing apps for different Mobile platforms is gonna be a headache you can use technologies like Phone Gap , Appcelerator etc. to develop it once and run it across all platforms .

– Mobile app development can sometimes prove to be costly . If you have minimal budgets , you can also get ready made mobile apps in any category and deploy it instantly . HERE is a good place to get TURN-KEY mobile apps in most of the categories you can think of,  for as low as $199 to $499 .

Internet business ideas 2014

* Niche Blogs :

Note the word “Niche” … as blogging has been the best online business idea since the 2000’s . So yes, its a crowded place – but there is a BIG white space to be filled yet . We say Blogging is again a one of the best online business ideas in 2014 because there are not many niches that have great blogs yet . Instead of starting a general blog – in 2014 consider starting a niche blog in areas that are not crowded yet ( If you make it micro Niche – its all the more better  Eg : Handling dreams , Pregnancy , Economics etc. ) .

Earlier it was considered search engines are the best places to get your traffic – but with Social media ramming the web big time … if you have interesting content you can get it viral on Social media alone and bring in thousands of visitors . When selecting blogging as your primary online business idea for 2014 , first always start with where you are gonna attract your traffic . I would advice to start with a strong presence in social media and then move on to having an effective strategy to make your visitors subscribe to your news letters – so you can reach out to them on new topics posted, and then work out ways to get search traffic ( for newbies … a simple search for ” Ways to get search traffic for my blog ” will give you tons of tutorials on it )

Points to note :

– When setting up a blog take advice from experts to set up the required elements in a blog , so its search friendly .

– Setting up your blog with WordPress is one of the best and safest methods . You can slo consider the upcoming Ghost platform and the good old Blogger platform as well ( or even Tumbler )

– There are thousands of amazing and beautiful Blogging themes available that can make your blog look stunning from day 1 . HERE are some powerful and stunning Blogging themes & templates to use .

– Some of the best ways to monetize a Blog are : Ads ( Adsense , Buy Sell Ads etc. ) , Affiliate sales ( Click Bank , Commission Junction Etc. ) and own product sales on target pages ( Eg : If its a Pregnancy blog – a simple 20 page e-Book on Pregnancy tips )

Online business ideas

Drop Shipping :

Drop shipping usually does not gets discussed as a good online business idea ( due to lack of knowledge in it ) . But you should definitely try Drop Shipping as a one of the online business ideas in 2014 – as it has enormous potential in it . All you need to do is subscribe to a good drop shipping provider like  Doba , Mega goods , Dropship design etc.  and promote the products available there on any site like eBay , Amazon etc. Once someone buys the product you can pay the vendors cut to the Dropship provider and they will take care of the rest – its that simple . With Drop shipping suddenly all the products in the world becomes yours to sell online !

Also its good to start your very own Ecommerce site like WANELO etc. and fill it with the products from your Drop shipping provider ( You can get ready made scripts to run a WANELO like marketplace HERE )

The advantage of going for a drop shipping online business idea in 2014 , when compared to Affiliate marketing is : You have more control over the payments – as you take your cut and pay the remaining to the Drop shipper while in affiliate marketing its the other way around and you should follow the rules they put .

Great online business ideas 2014

* Dating :

Considered one of the oldest online business idea … we think it can be one of the best online business ideas in 2014 !  Three reasons being :

– Dating is always considered evergreen as its one of human’s basic need to find a partner .

– People are always looking out for new and interesting dating apps and sites .

– There are tons of revenue models around having an online dating business !

Dating websites and mobile apps can attract a lot of interest among visitors . Many of the visitors to Dating sites are ready to pay for premium services  Eg : Sites like Badoo , eHarmoney , Ok cupid etc.  have millions of paying users – who pay every month !  So a Dating site can be an interesting and profitable online business idea for 2014 .

You can also check out these ready made Dating scripts HERE & HERE to get your site or mobile app up and running instantly !

It is always considered a best practice to start your dating site for a particular niche ( Eg : Christians , Jews , Homosexuals , Software professionals etc. ) . The best ways to attract traffic to Dating sites are speaking about it in Dating forums and Search traffic for targetted keywords . If you can cleverly connect it with Facebook , Twitter etc. in a manner that all updates in your site are shared on your visitors wall – your site is bound to attract a lot of interested users quickly ( like how Speed date engineered its Facebook strategy and mined millions of users from the Social Network  )

Best Online business ideas 2014



Have any other Online business ideas for 2014 that should be added to this list ?  Please do mention in the comments :)

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