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Top 10 Uber clone scripts with app templates

In this post lets take a look at the top 10 Uber clone scripts with app templates. While looking at the lets check out the Pro’s & Con’s of each Turn-key software.

  1. Smart Car Tech ( Get it HERE )

Well, this is more than just an Uber clone. They seem to have got everything worked out. This ready-made software has more features than anyone can ask for ( infact they have a Add-on’s marketplace )


  • Off the shelf ready-made product with IOS app, Android app, Admin Panel, Web front end.
  • Interesting list of upcoming features. They amaze me with the version they are coming up for the Driver-less cars ( check it HERE )
  • As many payment gateways as one wants.
  • A whole suit of features that can be mix matched to create any Uber X niche.
  • The built in App Social eCommerce ie. you can also push and sell products to passengers while they are on a ride.
  • Also comes with Multi-lingual features, so you can easily scale your business to any geography without limits.
  • Via. the API marketplace they provide, you can open it up to other developers to also build apps on your platform ( like how Facebook does )
  • Push notifications is very important in any UBER like real time apps. In Smart Car tech, they have integrated PUSH via. PubNub, so it just works always.
  • The coolest thing is they also have a spectacular Car rental script that comes along with the Uber script ( So you can also have the features of AVIS like business that rent self-driving cars )
  • And yes, the Lite version is FREE 🙂


  • They are very choosy. Though the lite version is available for anyone to download, the premium version is provided after a lot of questions & conversations.
  • Only termly ( 4 months once ) updates are provided. Would be great if the updates are monthly.

Keep watching this space for more coverage on UBER clone companies.

Each entry in the above list is based on satisfying the following eligibility criteria:

  • The Uber clone script is Open Source.
  • The Source code is 100% open and not encrypted.
  • Have been in the market for a considerable amount of time.
  • Have real customers using the product.

To be continued…

8.9 out of 10
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