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Mobile dating script app

Start your own location based Mobile Dating app with this perfect Tinder clone app script !

This powerful turn-key Mobile dating script is something you should definitely lay your hands on …

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Tinder clone script ( IOS + Android )

to start a fabulous location based Mobile dating app !

Tinde clone script

Vendor : Learn Sauce

What do you get in this deal ?

- An amazing Tinder clone script app [ Native IOS  ] : worth $7000

- An incredible native Andriod version as well : worth $7000

- Comes with a powerful admin panel to control the app end-to-end : worth $1000

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Tinder clone script app

Tinder clone script app

Tinder clone script app

Tinder clone script app

Top 4 reasons that makes this incredible Tinder clone app a must have !

- Has all the Awesome features to get a mobile location based Dating app like running instantly ( Check the FAQ Tab on top to see the feature list )

- Sleek and powerful design done by Mobile app design experts to make your app stand out in the App Store .

- An elegant , responsive and fantastic Admin panel to control every aspect of the app on the go !

- We always deliver on time :)  Check out our recently launched products – ON TIME !

* When will this app be launched ?

Building a location based Tinder like mobile dating app is a tedious job – a lots of factors needs to be looked into . To make the app perfect and deliver on time , we have planned on the following milestones :

Phase 1 :

IOS app and server side delivery ( Estimated delivery date : May 31, 2014 )

Update : Its ready to be delivered !

Android app and server side delivery ( Estimated delivery date : May 31, 2014 )

Update : Its ready to be delivered !

* What are the features that will be present in this Tinder clone app script ?

The app will cover all the features present in Tinder . Here are some of the essential features highlighted ,

-  Secure and social login : The app supports Login with Facebook which will be implemented using the FB SDK . The user once logged in is registered with the web server and a number of details like friends , interests , photos are taken from his facebook profile . The app requests the user to share his/her GPS location and also ALLOW for PUSH notifications from the Web Server.

- Recommendations :  Users are shown by proximity. All matching profiles will be listed in a beautiful manner . Each user will be able to REJECT or LIKE other users.  Or they can Swipe to change users . If the user at the other end also LIKES a request then the 2 users can initiate a private chat within the app itself.

- Powerful Geo-location features : The app makes use of Geo location to find matches in the near proximity . As the user travels , it intelligently finds folks around his/her interest seamlessly .

- Elegant app menus : This awesome Tinder clone has SLIDING MENU’s that carry the links to the major options / features on the app. Also will contain options to spread the word about the app to their friends .

- Match Maker :  To make things gain momentum , we are building in a sophisticated match maker . From a list of FB friends a user can chose any 2 friends and play matchmaker and introduce both of them to each other. The 2 users will get a notification of the person who introduced them and can chat with each other .

- Match settings : A user can configure the kind of matches he/she prefers and the same will be in sync with the server . Distance within which the search must happen can be configured as well . The age group of matches can also be set .

Appealing profile settings : Apart from the options to easily edit any profile settings , users can add photos , tag line etc. To make things simple the users interests are taken from facebook and shown on his/her profile . Also one can see the distance and activity logs .

- Chat : This fabulous Tinder clone app comes with a sleek chat feature as well . Once both parties have a LIKE each other or if they have been MATCHED by a common friend they can see each other in the LIST OF MATCHES and can start a chat with each other .

* Why are you giving it at such a low rate for those who Pre book ?

It is a way of us saying THANK YOU to those who trust in us and Pre book even as the app is under production . Once the app is launched the price will change to $1500 per download .

* Do you do customizations as well ?

Yes we do customization as well . We have Mobile app development experts ( for IOS , Android & Windows mobile ) working on the product . Please shoot us a mail at : about your customization and we will be happy to do it for you

General questions :

What is Tinder ?

Tinder is the most happening app in the mobile dating space . People are going crazy over this intuitive mobile dating app – thanks to the amazing manner in which Tinder helps to discover match’s on the go based on your proximity . The app is built to be very intelligent and permission based . Based on your Geo location you get introduced to folks around you based on your interest .

Why a Mobile dating app script ?

Dating as such is an ever green hot niche in the online world . With the burst in Mobile usage – the browsing behavior of people has totally changed – they expect everything to have a mobile presence , so they can do stuff on the go . So why not Dating over mobile ? We have receiving a lot of interest from users to get them a kick ass turn-key Mobile dating app script and the best mobile dating app as of date is Tinder . So we decided to make a ready made Tinder clone app script using which you can setup your niche Mobile dating app instantly .

Can this also be used as a Twine clone script ?

Yes – Twine is also a mobile dating app that is much similar to Tinder . So you can definitely use this mobile dating script as a Twine clone script as well .

Top 3 reasons to showcase this incredible Tinder clone script here as a deal are :

- There are MANY many requests from users for a turn-key mobile dating app script ! …. making an mobile dating app like Tinder from scratch can easily cost near $10,000 !  So we decided to help all those dating app enthusiasts by giving them a beautiful Mobile dating app script at a fraction of the cost – so they can build in their niche customization from there and get market ready instantly !

- The folks behind this incredible mobile dating app script are experts when it comes to Mobile app development . And they value customer relationship a lot – making them a perfect fit for us .

- One of the sweet spot or advantage of the Mobile devices is its Geo location targeting capability . This Mobile dating app script uses Geo location a LOT ! We figured out it will be a big value add on for anyone trying to make a dating app based on this powerful feature .