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Want exposure and traffic to your Website / Business instantly ?

The best way is to give out a Press release .

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The easiest way to come on top in Google and other search engines is by giving a strategic press release for your Keywords . Google has a space reserved on the first page for NEWS related to that particular keyword . So if you get a Press release launched for the target keyword , you will be in the first page of Google !

Press release service

What do you get in this incredible deal ?

* A Powerful press release written by experts [ worth $30 ]

Experts in the PR field will analyze your website / business and write you a powerful Press release . This press release will be SEO optimized with the keywords of your choice .

Note : There is a way to write Press releases with keywords , or it will get rejected . So this where the experts experience come in .

* Submission in premium Press release services ( SBWire , PRBuzz and PressDoc ) [ worth $20 ]

Your SEO friendly press releases will be submitted by POWER USER accounts in premium Press release services . We will see to it that the Press release is accepted and published in these Premium services .

Since Google instantly picks up Press releases launched in these premium services – there is strict scrutiny in place and most Press releases get rejected . The experts will see to it that your PR is approved .

* Distribution of your Press release in 40+ High PR websites [ worth $50 ]

Apart from getting your Press release approved in premium PR services , we will also distribute your Press release in 40+ High PR websites . This creates a lot of authority for your site ( for the target keywords ) – Brings in lot of SEO value – Brings in lot of traffic .

* Exposure in 500 online USA magazine media contacts [ worth $40 ]

The experts who will be handling your Press release are part of the International Press community ( which includes TV , Radio , Magazines etc. ) . They will also see to it that your press release is distributed to TOP media list by the Press Network Email system . Also your brand will be exposed to 500+ online USA Magazine media contacts .

Every activity will be delivered with Proof and reports .

Who will be writing my Press release ?

PR Experts who have been in this field for near 9+ years will be writing your Press release . Writing a Press release is not like normal article writing .There is a fixed length to every press release that makes it get approved . Also there are certain procedures required to be followed in a Press release for it to get approved . The experts have been writing Press releases for many companies world wide , and they will be writing your PR . Links to your site will be placed strategically to drive back the traffic to your site .

Will my Press release be SEO friendly ?

Yes the experts who will be writing your PR will be making it SEO friendly and strategically placing your Link for the Keywords – so it gets approved instantly .

How can a Press release give me traffic ?

Imagine you want to appear on top of search engines for a competitive keyword . Normally It will take ages for you to appear on the first page ( as you know it involves a lot of complex things and time ) . A properly framed Press release can instantly bring your site to the TOP of  search engines as a NEWS article , from where people will come to your site . Many sites globally reap huge traffic by having a process of releasing regular Press releases for target keywords .

The top 3 reasons to have this incredible Press release service as a deal are :

– Getting a Press release approved for a real competitive keyword is tricky . We have lined up professionals who will write the best Press release for your required keyword in the most fascinating manner to get it approved .

– Press release is one way , if strategically applied can give your site continues heaps of high quality traffic !

– This deal has a unique combination that will promote your business / site as well bring in a lot of SEO value for the keywords .