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  • Appscrip Uber for Courier script review

    • $3000
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  • Developer hours – 140 hours saved 

  • Technical Specification

    Back end          – PHP 

    DB                      – MySQL

    Mobile apps   – Native Android and ios application

  • Description

    Earlier, I had an idea of developing Uber for courier application from scratch.After doing a long research, I have understood the advantages of turnkey solutions . I have approached a mobile development company named APP Scrip.They have their own courier application “Shypr”. Shypr is more flexible for managing all on demand deliveries or shipments . Let’s have a look on their features list.

    Few highlighted features of Shypr

    View all vehicles

    Application was built with Uber concept .Here user can view all the vehicles available for booking .

    Real time notifications

    Both user and receiver can receive real time notifications from driver for each order. Driver updates his status from I have arrived, vehicle loaded,trip started,vehicle unloaded , invoice raised and it will sent as push notifications for user and receiver .

    Wallet Integration

    Payment can be done either by user or end receiver .Once invoice gets raised amount will get debited automatically from stored credit cards . Wallet feature is also integrated where user can top up their wallet using credit cards and make payment.

    Capture signature

    Once the parcel is delivered at the destination .Driver gets the signature from receiver to confirm the completion of delivery .

    Security code

    This feature is added for security reason . User can select whether security code option is mandatory or not .If security code option is selected ,end receiver will get the code to get the parcel delivered . Driver will enter the security code provided by receiver.

    Live tracking

    User can live track the driver when he is on the way to pick up the load . From pickup to delivery ,driver can be tracked by the user .Live tracking helps user to feel comfortable untill  the items gets delivered .


    • App scrip website has all the app screens with all the functionalities explained below each screen .
    • All the basic modules are added to the application and it gives a complete feel.
    • Getting signature or having security code makes the application feel more secured .


    • Their mobile apps are not very much impressive when compared to their website .
    • Post sales support can be improved in order to have better customer satisfaction after delivery.
    • Even small issues need few weeks of time to get resolved .Support team can speed up their work to make customers more comfortable.

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  • FAQ

    I have my own business idea. Is it safe to discuss with other developers?

    All companies make sure to keep high level of confidentiality with respect to clients ideas . But , it’s safe to get the NDA signed from respective companies before sharing your requirements.

    What if I have a problem after delivery?

    Appscrip’s support team will be in regular contact with you. You can post all your queries over mail or Skype.Their team will help you out in solving the issues .