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  • Bitdeal ( Osiz technologies ) cryptocurrency exchange script review

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    What do you get?

    Bitdeal does not provide any ready made bitcoin exchange scripts. They are capable of  helping customers with the following deliverables,

    – Website ( It is responsive in layout. So opens seamlessly on any Mobile devices 

    – Master Admin Panel ( for controlling the entire platform end-to-end )

    – 100% Source code

    – Life time Free upgrades / Support

    – Free Expert installation ( This entire script will be installed on your servers and handed over up & running )

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  • Can this save your Development time ?

    Though Bitdeal does not have any ready-made turn key solution,they can help you out in saving 40% of the development time with their existing system.


  • Technical Specifications

    Technologies Used:

    No technology is specified in the website. They can develop it based on client’s business requirement.

  • Description

    Cryptocurrency is termed as a digital asset. This uses cryptography and acts as a medium of exchange to secure its transactions .Bitcoin is the first and the most famous among cryptocurrencies. The main advantage of bitcoin is that we can send or receive money globally at a given time without any hassle. For a normal transactions, we have to worry about government restrictions, bank holidays etc., We can overcome all these limitations if we go with bitcoin. Bitcoin transactions does not include any personal information and all the personal details are kept hidden from prying eyes. On top of this we can even encrypt bitcoin to ensure safety for your money.

    There are lots of bitcoin exchange scripts in the market where you can buy or sell bitcoin online. I have gone through one of the cryptocurrency exchange script provider named “Bitdeal” and let me share you the product details here.

    Bitdeal does not offer any ready made solution for your business idea. I have approached their chat agent and he explained me about their complete business model i.e people can approach them with their requirement and the team is capable of building it from scratch. They have delivered many projects for their clients.They have included one of their client’s product demo in their website.They mainly focus on the following modules and they can even add additional features according to your business needs.

    Two Factor Authentication

    Bitcoin exchange script handles lots of transactions from various parts of the globe. So,its very much important to handle all these details securely. Bitdeal allows dual authentication with CSRF. This plays an important role in handling secured payments. This makes the transaction fulfilled by both participants while trading.

    Built in wallet

    This is one of the mandatory module for any cryptocurrency exchange script. Normally bitcoin wallet stores all the private keys that are required to access the bitcoin address. This helps you with successful exchange and trade. Wallets are used in order to store the bitcoin and bitcoin transactions.

    Various trading options

    Using this application, you can process trading with lot of trading options like market, limit and stop orders. Most bitcoin exchange scripts offer only the normal trading structure for placing orders from your website. But Bitdeal allows trading for even more complex orders.

    White-labeling services

    Bitdeal helps you to launch your own Cryptocurrency exchange platform. The team is capable of building the solution based on customer needs. They will deliver it as a white labelled solution with your brand name and logo. Even after delivery you will get continuous 24/7 support from their team.

    Nowadays people started using bitcoin as a mode of payment. Bitcoin prices are raising more than expected. Like the two sides of a coin, all technologies has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let us have a look on the pros and cons of this market.


    • You have a complete freedom in handling payments. Your money is in your control and there is no central authority in Bitcoin network.
    • Information is transparent here. Final transactions can be viewed by everyone but personal information is hidden.
    • This reduces the risk level for merchants as the payment cannot be reversed and its very well secured from any losses that may occur because of fraud.
    • As of now this include no fee or very low fee for bitcoin transactions.


    • The true fact is that people are still unaware of bitcoin and digital currencies.
    • We can say bitcoin has volatility because the coins are limited and the demand goes on increasing day by day.
    • It’s good that even very big companies are accepting bitcoin as a mode of payment but their staffs are not very well educated about bitcoin. Its mandatory to give proper training for employees to guide their customers in the right way.


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  • FAQ

    Can I get the script developed based on my business needs?

    Yes, you can get it developed as expected. You can discuss your requirement with the team and they can help you out with the technical part. You will also get 6 months of free support after delivery.

    Is it possible to view demo before purchase?

    No, Bitdeal does not offer any ready-made product. They are developing it from scratch. So, its not possible to view demo before purchase.