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    What do you get?

    This fantastic Ready-made bitcoin exchange script comes with:

    – Web Front end ( It is responsive in layout. So opens seamlessly on any Mobile devices )

    – ( upcoming ) IOS app ( works perfectly in sync with the web & Android )

    – ( upcoming ) Android app ( works perfectly in sync with the web & IOS )

    – Master Admin Panel ( for controlling the entire platform end-to-end )

    – 100% Source code

    – Life time Free upgrades / Support

    – Free Expert installation ( This entire coinbase clone script will be installed on your servers and handed over up & running )

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  • Start a happening Bitcoin exchange or Marketplace like:

    Bitcoin exchange script coinbase clone              Bitcoin exchange script coinbase clone              Bitcoin exchange script coinbase clone

  •   INTEGRATION TIME: Less than 40 mins.

      SAVES YOU: 720 Hours Of Development.

  • Technical Specifications

    Back end   : Node JS -or- PHP

    Front end  : Angular JS

    Database   : Mongo DB -or- MySQL

    Android    : Native Android

    IOS            : Native IOS

  • Description

    Using a Bitcoin exchange script (or a Coinbase clone script) you can easily setup a Cryptocurrency exchange for trading or a marketplace for traders to buy and sell Bitcoins and other altcoins like Ripple coin, Ether, Lite Coin etc. Some of the salient features of this Cryptocurrency exchange script are: Secure registration, KYC verification, Payment gateways, Coin on-boarding & listing, Funds deposit module, Funds withdraw module, Transaction history, Coin conversion module, Order placement module, Order fulfillment module, Cryptocurrency Buy order module, Cryptocurrency sell order module, Cryptocurrency transfer module, Accounts, Profile, Market Data Charts, History and 24 Hrs stats module.

    Secure registration: Any Cryptocurrency exchange needs a state of the art security built in the system. This Cryptocurrency exchange script is fitted with the best and secure captcha and 2 step authentication that is literally un-breakable by any hacker.

    KYC verification: The raise of Bitcoins has also bought with it the need for airport grade verification process. This powerful Bitcoin exchange script has the required KYC verification module that takes the users through a cycle of verification process ( Passport, Address, Photo, Selfie with ID card etc. ). All the collected data can be verified from the back-end effortlessly.

    Payment gateways: Though we can easily bring in all the reputed Payment gateways in this incredible Bitcoin exchange script, we have been choosy. One of the main problems bitcoin marketplace owners will face is the charge back fraudsters put on Credit card payments post purchase of Bitcoins. To avoid this we have integrated direct wire transfer and payment card methods in this amazing bitcoin trading script.

    Cryptocurrency on-boarding & listing: Initial Coin Offerings ( ICO’s ) are happening everyday. The trend seems to become all the dense in the coming days. Like how the stock market has millions of stocks listed > there will be millions of coins in future. As a owner of a bitcoin marketplace, you will need to list the new coin’s that appear in the market. This stunning cryptocurrency trading script has the required modules and process for you to easily on-board and List a new cryptocurreny in the market.

    Funds deposit module: The process to buy Bitcoins in any Bitcoin exchange starts from depositing funds in the users accounts. This is done to avoid any mis-handling of the Bitcoins from the exchange by the users. This safe and secure Bitcoin exchange script has a streamlined process and the perfect funds deposit module builtin.

    Funds withdraw module: Being a Cryptocurrency exchange owner, you will have thousands of withdrawals everyday. This needs to be handled automatically and in a smooth manner for your users to stay and do more business in your marketplace. For this reason this sleek coinbase clone script is fitted with the most seamless funds withdraw module.

    Transaction history: The best bitcoin trading sites have the best transaction history displays. This helps your users to check their transactions whenever required. This powerful Cryptocurrency exchange script shows all the transactions for each user in the most intuitive manner.

    Coin conversion module: This is one of the most required modules that even some of the major Bitcoin exchanges do not have. This feature helps your users to convert their Bitcoins to any altcoins like Ripple, Ether, Litecoin, Monero coin, Dash coin etc. This user friendly cryptocurrency trading script has the feature for your user to convert bitcoin to any altcoin.

    Order placement module: After depositing funds to their account on the exchange the next step for your user would be to place an order. The order is placed to convert their Fiat currency to Bitcoins. This incredible cryptocurrency exchange script has a powerful module to effortlessly place an order using the remaining funds or do a direct online payment via. the built in payment gateway.

    Order fulfillment module: The process of procuring bitcoins is a complex and secure process behind the scenes. This powerful Bitcoin exchange software has a sleek and secure module to take the placed orders to the next stage of fulfillment in a smooth manner. The system is engineered to rollback transactions that have even the slightest problems.

    Cryptocurrency transfer module: This is one of the most required features of any Crypto-currency exchange script. This feature enables your users to transfer Bitcoins from any other exchange to your exchange wallet and wise-versa. 

    Market Data Charts: This is one section you can expect a majority of your users to spend a lot of time in. This amazing Bitcoin exchange script is plugged in to required leading API’s to bring in real time stats of bitcoins trading across the world. Not only for Bitcoins, but this module pulls in data for all other alt-coins as well ( Ripple, Dash, Ether, Lite coin etc. ). Using the data a spectacular and easily understandable chart is popultaed in real-time for your users to make an informed decision while trading. This module is entirely controllable from the Admin panel. 

    These are some of the features of this great Bitcoin exchange script. Know any other software that satisfies all these conditions? Let us know.

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  • FAQ

    Can we use this as a bitcoin escrow script?

    Yes, BitExchange has one of the best Escrow concepts employed in it. This bitcoin escrow script has the concept integrated in 3 levels. The Software has normal Peer-to-Peer level Escrow integrated. It also has On-chain based Atomic Swaps level Escrow concepts integrated.

    Does this Bitcoin Exchange script have Market Maker integrated?

    Yes. This powerful Bitcoin Exchange script has a very sophisticated Market Maker Bot integrated. You as the Exchange owner can also activate the Bot to make the market inside the exchange. Also you can encourage your users to enable the bot to Buy-Sell automatically. Check more information of the market maker HERE.

    Does this Bitcoin Trading Software also have Liquidity Providers integrated?

    Yes, the Bitcoin Exchange script from BitExchange Systems also has Liquidity Providers ( LP ) integrated. The script speaks about integration’s with cryptocurrency liquidity providers like BitStamp, B2BX, etc.

    Update: Many have been also asking about Exchange Remarketer & Cross-FX Remarketing features in this script. Yes. Though the terms may seem entirely different, Exchange Remarketer works nearly in the same manner as Liquidity Providers.

    What other Money Deposit and withdraw methods does this Cryptocurrency trading script have?

    Apart from having normal Payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe and provisions for Bank integration, this Bitcoin Exchange script also has other providers integrated. One of the cool things about this Bitcoin Buy Sell script is that it is also integrated with last mile providers like Crypto Capital and Perfect Money.

    Is there a Mobile app available with this bitcoin exchange website script?

    In our talks with the BitExchange folks, they seem to have a sleek Android & IOS app ready. But they are ony showing closed demo’s of the apps to people interested. They also say they will be launching the Mobile apps soon that works in sync with the Bitcoin Exchange script.

    Can I get a customized skin for my Cryptocurrency exchange script?

    Yes. We provide you with 100% source code of this Bitcoin exchange software. You can change the skin yourself. Or you can hire us to skin your Bitcoin marketplace as per your preference.

    Can this be used as a Coinbase Clone script?

    Yes. It can be used as a coinbase cone script.

    Can this be used as a Binance clone script?

    Yes. It can be used as a Binance Clone script.

    Can this be used as a clone script?

    Yes. It can be used as a Clone script.

    Is BitExchange compatible with other 3rd party Bitcoin Exchange Website Templates?

    Yes, BitExchange is very much compatible with any Bitcoin Exchange Website Template.

    Is the Bitcoin exchange script available? Where do I buy one?

    Yes, the bitcoin trading script is available. Its a Ready-made software & you can get online in just 24 hours. Shoot a mail to: and get started.