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  • [Critic] The Challenger Sale Book review

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  • Matthew Dixon & Brent

    Matt is an extraordinary thinker about sales and customer service. The Challenger Sale, co-authored with Brent Adamson, has started the most profound discussion of the profession of selling in decades. Whether one agrees with it (I tend to agree with much of what is presented) or not, Matt and Brent have succeeded in getting sales professionals to think differently about what we do and how we engage customers.

    Brent is the co-author of the bestsellers The Challenger Customer and The Challenger Sale, Brent Adamson is Principal Executive Advisor in CEB’s Sales and Marketing Practice. In that role, he serves as the chief story teller for both the Sales Executive Council and Marketing Leadership Council. Well known for both his passion and excitement for great ideas, Brent is a sought-after speaker and facilitator on commercial transformation.

    In his 13 years at CEB Brent has presented to and worked with tens of thousands of sales and marketing professionals all over the world to redefine what good looks like when it comes to commercial excellence. As part of that work, he has been privileged to partner with some of the greatest thought leaders working in B2B sales and marketing today.

  • Available as: Hard Cover, Audio Book

    No. of pages: 240 pages

    Language: English

    Published Date: November 10th, 2011

    ISBN: 978-1591844358

  • Table Of Content



    A Surprising Look into the Future


    The Evolving Journey of Solution Selling


    The Challenger(Part 1)-A New Model for High Performance


    The Challenger(Part 2)- Exporting The Model To the Core


    Teaching for Differentiation(Part 1)-Why Insight Matters


    Teaching for Differentiation(Part 2)-How to Build Insight-Led Conversations


    Tailoring for Resonance


    Taking Control of The Sale


    The Manager and the Challenger Selling Model

    CHAPTER 10

    Implementation Lessons from the Early Adopters




  • More Info

    The book deals with few shocking revelations. As, everyone till ages thought that building a perfect sales deal depends on the crucial relationship that you share with your client,but it’s so not. The authors of the book took control to analyze is it the skill set, the behavior or the attitude that simmers the success rate. But like us they were shocked too that it isn’t the case. 

    It isn’t the relationship that we build makes our deal happen, but like all these factors it is also an average performance factor. These skills can fall into 5 profiles out of which 4 of them still deliver average rate of sales, the only one that generate high performance is the Challenger profile.
    And this book teaches us that rather than concentrating just on relationships or skill set handling try to challenge your client. In return of gathering them with numerous facts and figures about the company challenge them to risk it and let them know how will they gain profits out of that. 

    Just predict who is the one in your organization and make them do the deal!

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    Why should I read this book?

    For all sales people out there, this book can be a shocking factor to deal with. You probably have to shut your old, traditional ways of dealing with Sales and gain some perspective about Challenging the customers. Not just give them insights about your business or company portfolios but make them believe why should they risk it with you. This book is all about the 5 deals, so you should surely grab a copy and let yourself learn.