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  • [Critic] The Conversion Code Book Review

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  • Chris Smith

    CHRIS SMITH (36) is the co-founder of Curaytor, a social media, digital marketing and sales coaching company that helps businesses grow faster. Not even in three years, he used The Conversion Code to grow Curaytor to over $5 million in annual, recurring revenue, without raising any venture capital. Chris has also worked for two billionaires, a near billion dollar publicly traded company and a startup that was acquired for $108 million. He has spoken live in front of more than 50,000 people a year.

  • Available as: Hard Cover, Audio Book

    No. of pages: 192 pages

    Language: English

    Published Date: March 7th, 2016

    ISBN: 978-1119211884

  • Table Of Content


    Part 1: Capture Internet Leads (The Marketer’s Lead)


    Need More Leads?How to Build Websites and Landing Pages That Consistently Capture Internet Leads 


    Writing The Perfect Blog Post


    Optimizing Your Content for Lead Generation, Social Media and Search Engines


    Advanced Facebook Marketing and Advertising Techniques That Generate “Ready To Buy ” Leads


    Simple Strategies That Drive Maximum Traffic and Leads to Your Website and Landing Pages

    Part two: Create Quality Appointments (The Scheduler’s Creed)


    Part 2: Create Quality Appointments


    How To Use CRM, SMS, and Marketing

    Part three: Close More Sales(The Closer’s Creed )


    Need More Appointments?


    Part 3: Close More Sales

    CHAPTER 10

    Need to Know Exactly What To Say to a Lead on the Phone?

    CHAPTER 11

    The Digging Deep Technique

    CHAPTER 12

    How To Build Trust With an Internet Lead in Two Simple Steps

    CHAPTER 13

    Proactively Uncovering Objections

    CHAPTER 14

    How to Start Closing an Internet lead Using the “Five Yes Technique”

    CHAPTER 15

    How to Pitch Using the “Feature, Benefit, Tie-Down Technique” and Identify Exactly When to Close

    CHAPTER 16

    Exactly What to Say When You Start to Close?

    CHAPTER 17

    The Two-Step Close

    CHAPTER 18

    What to Say When Someone Still Says No?

    CHAPTER 19

    They Said Yes! Now What Do You Say?

    CHAPTER 20

    How To Turn a Closed Internet Lead into Even More Sales.



  • More Info

    In sales market you have to very carefully make up deals and close up the deals. This Book with the conversion code will help you close maximum deals. From 56% , companies increased their closing appointments to 76%. You need to learn the tactics to close the deal, increase traffic on your respective websites and therefore they manage to make significant changes in their leads and sales. 

    This is just not another book dependent on some fictitious analogies and tricks but helps you deal with the science of selling and is highly effective. 

    This book is an instructional guide that will take you down the road step by step and help you close the deals better than before. Customers are not always interested the deal you are trying to offer, then how to turn the invaluable customer deals into a close deal, is what we would learn in this book. 

    Move away from the traditional aspects of marketing and selling, go with the more effective approach and attract clients online with major social media stints and marketing. 

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    How is this book good for me?

    Not everyone knows to close the deals with effective measures. Major appointments or deals that we tend to make come thrashing on the ground without any positive result. So, we need to gain an insightful vision of how to close the most impossible deals too. How to chuck the old ways of greeting the clients and how exactly to involve them in your deals.

    What is Conversion Code?

    Well, the name of the book does sound compelling and is in fact. Here, Conversion means converting your most difficult deals to closure successfully. So, what is the code to track it down we have our book.