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  • Online Equipment Rental Software

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  •  INTEGRATION TIME: Less than 40 mins.

      SAVES YOU: 720 Hours Of Development.

  • Technical Specifications

    Back end   : Node JS

    Front end  : Angular JS

    Database   : Mongo DB

    Android    : Native Android

    IOS            : Native IOS

  • Description

    Let’s consider a common case of power outrage.

    The hire/rental businesses have to face a lot in the event of sudden shutdown of rental systems due to power failure. There is a huge operational failure and the company is likely to potentially lose a huge amount of valuable data collected over many years.

    Many rental businesses rely on an equipment rental system where the software is licensed and run ‘on-premise’. Ensure you have an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system to take care of your equipment rental software. This is where Corrigo’s protection in the cloud comes into play. You will migrate to a cloud-based alternative where your equipment rental software is hosted and managed off-site by companies with a dedicated environment designed to protect your data. The data is 100% protected with guaranteed up-time. this solution is very good for those who have minimal IT resources, require low start-up costs, or have rapid expansion plans on mind and are looking for maximum flexibility and scalability.

    MCS supplies software both on-premise and in the cloud for businesses of any size. Our MCS cloud rental software requires no capital outlay. Subscription fees are paid on a monthly basis without the need to purchase software licenses or hardware outright and includes all the support you will need.

    Corrigo offers software that is meant specially for facilities managers as a facility software solution for property managers and for restaurants. CMMS and Integrated Facilities Management platforms by Corrigo facilitate $3.5 in facilities spend per year.

    What you can do with “Facility Software”?

    Develop resident satisfaction

    Enhance maintenance staff efficiency

    Expect quick turnarounds with Corrigo maintenance management software

    Many global FM organizations are using Corrigo Enterprise to manage their Facilities Management results every year efficiently. Work upon your operational efficiencies by taming the paperwork and manual processes, managing a large number of properties at lower cost per property. Handle tenant satisfaction by letting the residents put forward their service requests, view work updates, and keeping them involved.

    How Corrigo is a game changer?

    Maintaining facilities isn’t as easy as it seems to be even with existing software and call center tools. At certain instances, even these software and tools fail to prove their worth. They are expensive too. It is where Corrigo will work as a nearly foolproof facilities management softwrae solution for many cumbersome tasks.

    • Strengthen Your Brand And Control Your Spend
      Corrigo takes care of your branding part and enhances the customer experience by optimizing up-time and making your vendors better partners in supporting your sites. The calls too are optimized by avoiding the unimportant calls and handling only the important calls at the right time. Corrigo highlights expected cost versus actual invoice and delivering real time budget to actual and forecast spend tracking. With this level of control and visibility, facilities spend suddenly becomes a powerful financial tool under your control, aiding you in meeting your business objectives.
    • Build Your ‘A’ Team With Real Time Vendor and Technician Scorecards
      With Corrigo, you need not to wory about the continued dependency on your vendors and internal technicians to ensure the message your facilities communicate is on the mark. With their FM software, you always know the score because you are able to get auto-generated ranking of the resources maintaining your facilities and corporate image.
    • The Work Order Network Gets You Connected
      Corrigo’s fully integrated and connected platform drives lower the cost of managing facilities processes also ensuring the operations run smoothly. The site portal captures and routes service requests easier, smarter and faster than a call center agent and encompasses the entire scope of facilities spend from reactive, preventative, recurring to landlord, risk and capital work orders allowing you to take paperless approach.
    • Ongoing Support

    Since Corrigo platform is a cloud based service hosted in redundant SAS 70 Type II certified hosting facilities, just having a web browser or mobile device is enough to get it started.

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  • FAQ

    How the equipment rental software does is going to benefit me?

    The equipment rental software can be a comprehensive package or a module based software to help the small and big businesses run smoothly. They will help to streamline most of the activities allowing the managers and executives to focus on other core tasks. The businesses can have a random check on the inventory, the departments will stay updated about the sales related information, will help you to control costs and the organizations can further enhance customer relationships by improving upon their products and services.

    Who uses this equipment rental software for?

    Commercial property management, residential property management, hospitality property management, parking management, and municipal properties.