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  • Excellonsoft Dealer Management Software (DMS) Review

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    What do you get?

    This fantastic Ready-made Equipment rental software suite comes with:

    Web Front end ( It is responsive in layout. So opens seamlessly on any Mobile devices )

    Dealer Dashboard  ( for your dealers to keep track of entire records)

    Life time Free upgrades / Support

    Free Expert installation ( The entire solution will be installed on your servers and handed over up & running )

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  • Integration Time: 3 Months

    The Excellon software installation process includes a mix of online and in-person system training. Initially the dealership team will complete the pre installation activities like data conversion, hardware installation etc. Later their team will spend around 1 week to support installation

  • Technical Specifications

    Technical Specification

    Back end: MySQL

    Front end: Java

    Windows: VC++

  • Description

    DMS is Dealer Management System. It is a very common term in auto dealer industry. It unifies Dealers and Manufacturers and help them focus more on customer’s satisfaction and in instant flow of information and transactions from all dealerships enabling timely decision-making, precise recording and analysis of data at various levels. From sales to service, finance to accounts, DMS helps in doing job from literally anywhere your customer demands.

    There are many software companies who provide DMS to provide convenience to their customers and dealers. Excellon Soft is one of them.

    Excellon Soft as industry’s innovative Dealership Management Systems (DMS)

    Excellon Software is an advanced and latest technology company that control analytics and cloud services to deliver solutions that fulfills the entire needs of the organization which occurs after manufacturing. They provide a complete suite for transforming entire network through Dealer Management System (DMS) platform.

    Here are some of its important features:

    Customer Relationship Management

    Customers nowadays have options to choose and are pounded with information and offers. It is the duty of the company to fulfill the loyalty demands of the customers. Excellon makes sure that its customer management system includes all the processes and applications required to manage the customer relationship efficiently. It provides detailed information on customers’ full profile, history of purchasing, preferences of buying and their concerns. Structured Marketing strategies is designed using this system to encourage existing customers to buy more of the same products. It provides a complete solution for execution and analysis of customer driven marketing campaign.

    Analytical Reports And Transaction Dashboard.

    Excellon Solutions doesn’t just put together all the data but also analyses the data. It provides meaningful and intelligent insight that helps in making correct and timely decisions. It presents comprehensive business specific analytical reports and dashboards in all the modules for the head office team to have a bird’s eye view of what is happening in the network. Service Analytical reports provides businesses with actionable insights that helps them to analyze all aspects of service center performance and take action to improve the customer service. The analytical dashboard is the nerve center of entire operations, the centralized intelligence unit that is truly in control and gives a near real-time picture of where business is moving.

    Cloud Portal

    The extensive capabilities produced by Excellon DMS are not limited to internal transactions only. It also gives you the power to engage the customers and give them highest level of satisfaction. The Cloud Portal integrates and interfaces with other platform and solutions in your enterprise. It provides a single channel for multiple mobile applications to access and update information. Cloud portal is basically a way to customer’s heart.

    Service Management

    Customers are able to view services history and can have advices for the services of their vehicles and they can also request for appointments. Each service centre is able to have a centralized booking. They have inbuilt notification and messaging feature which informs the customers about the progress related to their vehicle’s service. They also have the feature of online payment with facility of picking up and dropping them which helps the customer in giving their vehicles for servicing without visiting the service.

    Apart from these services, Excellon DMS is one of the best software which makes the life convenient of customers as well as dealers.

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  • FAQs

    Is the Software available? Where do I buy one?

    Yes, the software is available. Its a ready-made software & you can get it by clicking on the Get It Now button above.

    Will the team help us in installation and set up?

    Yes, the team will help you out in installation and set up. In addition to that regular 7AM to 8PM Support Centre, 24/7/365 emergency support will be provided.