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  •  INTEGRATION TIME : Less than 40 mins.

      SAVES YOU                   : 720 Hours Of Development [ citation required ]

  • Technical Specifications

    Microsoft Technologies [ citation required ]


  • Description

    Navigator Systems HireTrack Nx equipment Rental software gives you complete control and management capabilities to your rental Business through innovative solutions. The solution aims at helping companies in production industries that include audio, video, lighting, on stage equipments, etc., to optimize costs and increase profitability. The software is deployed in companies with only owner operator to Businesses with multi million turnovers. HireTrack’s support and Development teams have an in-depth Business know-How of the Production Industry.

    RentalDesk NX and HireTrack NX are two versions of the software provided by Navigator Systems. These two versions of the software are architectured to serve various kinds of Businesses inside of the Production Industry.

    Differences between RentalDesk NX and HireTrack NX:

    HireTrack NX:

    HireTrack NX has features including labour management and transport management. This version is designed for organisations that has a defined hierarchy of employees under various Departments. It is built to be a flexible platform with multi user capabilities and is scalable to be deployed for medium and large Businesses.

    RentalDesk NX:

    RentalDesk NX has all the powerful rental management features  for small businesses and start-up companies, where there is no definite hierarchy of employees or all employees do a variety of jobs within the Business. In those Businesses, there won’t be a need for more than a handful of employees to operate the software at the same time. When the Business expands, this can be upgraded to the HireTrack version, which happens in the future.

    Have you ever analyzed how well your equipment is functioning and how much profit it is generating?

    HireTrack NX gives you a comprehensive control of your operations. By giving an instant access to information like availability of an equipment while preparing a quote, the software helps track the idle equipment and increase the Return On investment(ROI) by making the best use of them. This increases productivity and allows for your staffs to take the right decisions to streamline all the processes and to efficiently manage your business.

    Ask yourself the following questions to help you decide why you need the software:

    Are you spending hours just preparing and verifying quotes?

    The intuitive and user-friendly interface generates all the required paperwork like quotes, warehouse lists and invoices just by furnishing the Customer’s order number. The software always gets you updated with the latest inventory without having to look through the registers or by checking the warehouse.

    All of a sudden, did you ever felt that an aspect of a job has been overlooked or equipment forgotten?

    The software displays all parts of a job in groups, on a single screen. This will ensure that no module of the job is overlooked. The document storage system built into the software stores all supporting documents like client quotes and documents, sketches etc., to be maintained at one place. The HireBook and Planner features of the software can be used to isolate a common element of the job in all modules in a group and manage them more efficiently.

    How will you decide on purchasing new rental investments?

    HireTrack NX provides you with information on the revenue generated by each and every rental equipment. This will give a knowledge of the highest yielding items, lowest yielding items, less or non-performing items etc., The utilisation report generated by HireTrack NX will help you add new investments based on their actual demand and usage rather than need.

    Do you have rental stores at multiple locations?

    HireTrack NX has support for 63 locations that can be controlled from one centralised location. This lets equipments inventory in each location to be viewed, hire contracts remotely, move goods from one warehouse to another very easily. Multi-site support is also available in HireTrack NX in situations where there are a group of warehouses.

    The software specifically caters to the entertainment rental industry and has the following facilities for scheduling and allocating:

    Equipment, crew and transport

    Monitor sub-hired or cross-rented equipment

    Generates quotes, invoices and purchase orders

    The data management is handled using Microsoft SQL server software for a powerful data management. This server can be managed from anywhere using the web browser management system.

    HireTrack NX has in built support for:

    – Multi-site capability.

    – Shipping to multiple warehouses.

    – Virtual warehouse implementation.

    – Handling cross rentals or sub hires.

    – Stock availability check in realtime.

    – Easily schedule equipment, labour and employees and other assets.

    – Generate quick, elaborate quotes easily.

    – Help texts and Wizards for guidance invoices and orders.

    – Standard and custom Barcodes support

    – PAT & LOLER results  are built-in for testing of equipments for reliability

    – Multipart out & back – for  preparing an item to make it ready for the next request, shipping etc.,

    – Full equipment usage management reporting.

    – Advanced security features.

    – Multi-currency allows support for four currencies.

    – Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

    – Document upload function to store all important documents.

    – Handling ad hoc enquiries.

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  • FAQ

    How the equipment rental software does is going to benefit me?

    The equipment rental software can be a comprehensive package or a module based software to help the small and big businesses run smoothly. They will help to streamline most of the activities allowing the managers and executives to focus on other core tasks. The businesses can have a random check on the inventory, the departments will stay updated about the sales related information, will help you to control costs and the organizations can further enhance customer relationships by improving upon their products and services.

    Who is the equipment rental software for?

    The software is for any organization who wants to run equipment rental businesses without the hassle of mismanaging. Well designed & efficient equipment rental software can help you rake in more revenue.

    How do I get technical support?

    Visit Help Center to get in touch with our technical support team. You may contact on the numbers provided, browse FAQs section and even check support files/downloads and read the documentation part.

    How do I obtain updates and upgrades on my program?

    Always have the newest software features. Keep your investment up to date!

    What is the Continuity Plan?

    There is a FREE trial available and once you have gone through that and you are ready to purchase the software, you can go with the BUY or RENEW plan.