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  • MapYourTag Online Equipment Rental Software

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  • Online Equipment Rental Software

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  •  INTEGRATION TIME: Less than 40 mins.

      SAVES YOU                  : 720 Hours Of Development.

  • Technical Specifications

    Framework   : Ruby on Rails

    Front end      : Angular JS

    Android         : Native Android

    iOS                 : Native iOS


  • Description

    Why Map Your Tag?

    Great Asset tracking tool. Now, start tracking your assets in no time with your smartphone and QR code, NFC or custom tags.
    Highly customizable to fit your business
    Asset tracking software made easy and affordable
    Use barcode, qr code, nfc tag or custom id
    Assign your tag to your asset
    Update your asset’s status anytime
    Manage your physical assets
    Follow your activities

    Around 100,000+ assets tracking is possible


    Get the app on your mobile phone and start tracking your asset
    Perfect for any business- Home care inventory asset tracking, supply chain, cleaning, advertising, maintenance, safety control, event management, inspection, industrial human resources, quality control, hospital, etc
    As an an easy-to-use cloud-based system mapyourtag gives you all the benefits of an asset management from your desktop web browser as well as your mobile app that and can be downloaded from App store.

    How it works?

    Assign a tag to your asset
    Just flash your barcode, qr code*, nfc tag** (a kind of rfid tag for mobile) or manually provide the asset id with your mobile phone or tablet pc in order to assign it to any of your assets.
    For assigning a tag to your asset you fill in some information through some attributes such as serial number, description, date of purchase or whatever attribute. Mapyourtag enables you to customize your own attributes. So get the best of mapyourtag for your business!
    Add your custom attribute. This attribute will be avalaible when you’ll add a new asset

    Update your asset status
    You fill in the attributes related to the status of your asset. Similarly, you can customize attributes to define the status of your asset such as a comment, check-in, check-out, date, checkbox,…
    Anytime you flash or tap your tag you’ll be prompted to update the status of your asset. Say you want to ask for a maintenance so just tick the maintenance. Checkbox box. That’s it!

    Manage your assets
    Mapyourtag can spot your asset on a map so you no longer loose any of your assets! You need a 4g, 3g or wifi wireless network and check that geolocation is enabled on your mobile phone.
    You can trigger alert upon the status of the asset, an expiration date or a deadline. For example, you’ll receive an alert when the next maintenance of your assets is required.
    With our api, you can collect the data into your information system.
    You now track and manage your asset from mapyourtag online application. You find all the information about your asset: who flash it, when, where, and with the status history.

    Mapyourtag gives you an overview of all your assets. You gain in your asset managment with more visibility
    More transparency
    More traceability
    More productivity
    More customer satisfaction

    What clients say

    “mapyourtag has proven to be a very, very valuable tool for our small company. We are using it to geo track the movement of the samples that our sales team transports from customer to customer. Since a mobile phone is the only tool needed, there was no need to purchase scanners, and the process is very easy for the field based team… Additionally, the support team is fast and effective.”

    Maryann edwards, cald lighting
    Qr code is a registered trademark of denso wave incorporated. Qr code stands for quick response code. It is a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code). Mapyourtag does supply qr code that you can print yourself on any label. Or ask us for a quote for printed labels.

    Nfc stands for near field communication. Nfc uses short-range wireless transmitters to communicate with other devices like your mobile or tablet pc (ipad, iphone, android phone, windows phone, etc..). You can use any kind of nfc tag with mapyourtag. You find a ton of nfc suppliers on the internet.

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  • FAQ

    How much does it cost?

    The site is free to try out and you are welcome to keep using the free service for private and non-commercial use. If you are using the free version then advertisements are displayed and the site has a few limitations. Details can be found in our pricing.

    Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

    Yes. Cancellations can happen anytime, there are no hidden fees or fines. If you have subscribe to one of our plan, you can cancel your subscription from your account or your paypal account.

    Which assets can I track with MapYourTag?

    You can track assets such as equipment, tools, cars, computers, mobile phone, cars, etc. They have a long life and are not consumable like paper or office stationery.

    Does MapYourTag enable real time geolocation?

    No. MapYourTag geolocates your asset each time you read the attached tag with your mobile phone. It is your phone with GPS enabled that helps to pinpoint your asset on a map.

    What is the limit on custom field for the asset property or status?

    No. There is no limit on custom attributes, you can use as many as needed.