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  • MCS-RM Online Equipment Rental Software

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  • Online Equipment Rental Software

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  • Technical Specifications

    Microsoft.NET [citation required]



  • Description

    MCS-rm is one of the leading Rental Management systems that powers more than 500 Businesses Worldwide. It is structured using the latest Microsoft.NET platform. It is built as an intuitive and configurable solution for all kinds of rental Businesses.

    Why MCS-rm Rental Software?

    The MCS-rm Rental Software can be incorporated for a Businesses ranging from a single store to a multinational rental business,  with its efficient management and controlling capabilities needed for a comprehensive rental sysytem. The MCS-rm rental software has all the core functionalities of an equipment rental system built-in that maximizes flexibility and the ability to integrate it on virtually every kind of rental Businesses. Rental software solutions by MCS-rm takes care of every aspect of your rental Business, be it small or large.  Easy and fast access to customer and Business information improves efficiency and saves time. Contracts processing model helps achieving better customer service and satisfaction.

    Greater control: The Superior Management and control features the software offers helps unearth the problem areas and implement better practices to optimize them. The software monitors the inventory of stocks and assets to increase utilization and decrease costs. This will increase productivity thereby increasing overall revenues.

    Built on world-class technology: The MCS-rm is built on the latest technologies of Microsoft that ensure secure, powerful and scalable enterprise level solutions. MCS has earned the Microsoft Gold Partner certification for excellence in development of technology.

    The truth about MCS-rm:

    MCS-rm is a complete rental and hire software that encompasses and automates every aspect of the rental system. It manages sales, rentals, reservations, billing, delivery and returns in an efficient manner.

    The UI though feature rich, is intuitive to use that does not require expertise in operation.

    The software can be adjusted to work for any kind of rental environments or tailored to a particular requirement.

    Wide range of functionalities from  asset & stock management, rental and selling, maintenance management and equipment financing.

    A powerful reporting feature, prompt alerts and notifications, help gain advanced control of the Business

    Scalablity of a software is more important for expanding the user base or adding new features in the future. MCS-rm rental software is scalable for businesses of all sizes.

    Customer Web Portal is a unique feature that gives the customers a secure customizable webpage accessible from all devices.

    Customer Relationship Management solutions and contracts processing.

    Niche third-party products like satellite tracking, address management and E-business can be easily integrated to the software.

    The software is updated regularly to keep pace with the developments and needs of the Industry.

    The solution is very versatile offering multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-organisation, domain capabilities.

    Built based on latest Microsoft Technologies for a robust architecture.

    The Software can be had both as a license or as a cloud-based system.

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  • FAQ

    How the equipment rental software does is going to benefit me?

    The equipment rental software can be a comprehensive package or a module based software to help the small and big businesses run smoothly. They will help to streamline most of the activities allowing the managers and executives to focus on other core tasks. The businesses can have a random check on the inventory, the departments will stay updated about the sales related information, will help you to control costs and the organizations can further enhance customer relationships by improving upon their products and services.

    Who uses this equipment rental software for?

    Small to enterprise level rental companies with anything between 1 and 2000 end users worldwide.