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    What do you get?

    This Ready-made Equipment rental software suite comes with:

    Web Front end ( It is responsive in layout. So opens seamlessly on any Mobile devices )

    IOS app ( works perfectly in sync with the web & Android )

    Android app ( works perfectly in sync with the web & IOS )

    Merchant and Admin Panel ( for controlling the entire platform end-to-end )

    100% Source code

    Life time Free upgrades / Support

    Free Expert installation ( The entire solution will be installed on your servers and handed over up & running )

  •   INTEGRATION TIME: Less than 120 mins.

      SAVES YOU: 158 Hours Of Development.

  • Technical Specifications

    Back end   : CakePHP

    Front end  : Html, Javascript and Bootstrap

    Database   : Mysql

    Android    : Java for Android

    IOS            :  Swift 3.0 IOS

  • Description

    We will first go through the general features offered by the app. Later we may differentiate the app uses by dividing into restaurant, customer and driver apps.

    General features:

    • Area Search: So, according to your location you can make a decision and search for restaurants that are closer to the area where you need the delivery. You can either type the first few initials of the area and get suggestions, or even with the help of postcodes you can make your easy choice.
    • Discount Coupons/Offers: You can easily get the discount options available for your order. These discount offers are calculated on the basis of price of the food items, validity of their availability. This feature helps the restaurant to gain popularity and reach to more customers.
    • Delivery charges: It depends on the restaurant owners what kind of service he would like to make free and for whom. They can decide on their own and for areas that are close to the restaurant, they can make minimal delivery charges or for orders above a certain threshold cost they can make it free! This can be only done by restaurant owners.
    • Making reservations: Customers can easily make reservations by selecting options online. On weekends or festivals when we are sure that getting a table can become difficult, we give customers the option to make simple reservations online.
    • GPS Locator: When days are dark and sky is not blue, we know getting directions can get very difficult. So, with the help of GPS Locator we can find our restaurants and even the restaurants can locate their customers.
    • GPRS Integration: When a customer places an order, the restaurant will come to know about it by the beeping of the printer in the restaurant that an order has been received. The restaurant can either accept or deny the order. This is quick and simple way for customer and restaurant owner as well.
    • Social Media: Customers also have the privilege to share their views and reviews about the restaurant and their experience on social media. Facebook, twitter or any other review site where customers can post their views. 
    • Payment Gateways: Getting payments done is a difficult task. Choosing options that are safe and secure is the utmost need. So, comeneat have made sure that the payments done by customers is in safe hands and faces no discrepancies. For the same they have online payment gateway integration from: Stripe, Card save, Postfinance, Sagepay.
    • Managing Invoices: Restaurant owners can easily have their order delivery invoices maintained on a weekly or monthly basis. With the help of invoices, we get to know the exact commission the restaurant owner will make and the amount of service charge that will be levied. 
    • Availability of services: Availability of services by the restaurant can also be viewed by the customer. The details will be updated by the restaurant owners and the customer can view when is the restaurant open/close or when can it order or dine-in. 
    • Social Media reviews: Customers can know about the restaurant by checking their reviews, ratings and like on Facebook. They can even reach to their homepage via social media.
    • Push Notifications: You get easily notified by the order details, order measures you made, when will it get delivered, tracking and many such features.
    • Wallet: For easy payments, customers can simply make payments by the digital wallet and add money to it from their account.
    • Responsive Layout: The pages are not fixed or static. They are managed in a lucid and flowy manner means that they will always respond to your needs.
    • MultiLingual: The script offers getting updated in any language and even get translated from one language to another. 

    -Installation is free

    -Twilio Integration for messaging

    -Remove Copyrights and can be gained by restaurant for several years

    -provide life time support

    Particularly for customer, restaurant owner and driver it differs in a different way.

    Customer Panel:

    • Search by location: Restaurants can be tracked by the location you are in.
    • Tracking: Customers can easily track their order and know where exactly their food has reached.
    • Reviews: After the order completion is done, give reviews and share the experience.

    Restaurant Panel:

    • Manage menus: Restaurant can have their own set of menus and can be managed easily.
    • Customer Reviews: Acknowledge customer reviews
    • Real time status update: Provide real time status update to customers

    Driver’s Panel:

    • Driver has to login for all the drivers in the staff.
    • Need to know about the delivery location.
    • Every driver can get his/her order information.

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  • FAQs

    Who are some clients?

    They have made some major business in the market. Some of the clients who have benefited by their script are:


    and many more..

    What is the unique feature in Comeneat?

    One of the most unique feature that you find with comeneat script and what no other script offers is: GPRS Printer Integration. What is that?

    So when a customer places an order, the restaurant will come to know about it by the beeping of the printer in the restaurant that an order has been received. The restaurant can either accept or deny the order. This is quick and simple way for customer and restaurant owner as well.