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  • Sate Blockchain Development Company Review

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  • Services Offered

    Initial Coin Offering Marketing

    Blockchain Software Development

    Blockchain Consulting

    Cryptocurrency Development

    Blockchain Testing and Quality Assurance

  • Description

    Blockchain and Bitcoin remain to be the red hot topic and latest phenomena, having the potential to transform the financial system for years to come.

    And for businesses looking to create secure blockchain applications, hiring a blockchain developer will do the job. Although there are plenty of blockchain development companies out there, it can be a tedious task in choosing the right partner

    Here in this article, we summarize Sate Development, a blockchain development company that creates enterprise solutions to help clients in leveraging the blockchain technology.

    Sate Blockchain Development Company

    Sate Development is a globally renowned Blockchain Technology service provider offering blockchain service to clients in more than ten countries. The developers at Sate make it efficient for clients to eliminate the centralized consensus and replace it with distributed blockchain technology.

    The development company was founded in 2014 by Nakul, who is also the Director at Sate. Nakul has been one of the prominent speakers at the Blockchain and Bitcoin conferences across the globe.

    Here in the article, we list some of the services and enterprise solutions offered by Sate Development.

    Services Offered by Sate Blockchain Development Company

    Sate Development company offers an array of services, assisting clients in meeting their business goals with the revolutionary technology. So here are some of the services provided by the company:

    1.Blockchain Consulting: Sate Development helps clients by developing, maintaining and evaluating blockchain and cryptocurrency-based products. The company offers long-term assistance and advice on technological and operational matters.

    Sate works on four developments in offering the best blockchain consulting possible: Consultancy, Development, Training, and Research.

    2. Initial Coin Offering Services: Sate offers both Pre and Post ICO Services to clients across the globe. The Pre-ICO services it provides are PR and Marketing, Whitepaper, Customer Service, Integration with Standard BlockExplorer, etc. And the Post-ICO services it offers are Exchange Listing Assistance, Cryptocurrency Price Volatility Hedging and Due Diligence Report and ICO Summary.

    3. Cryptocurrency Wallet Development: With the rise in the prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it has now opened doors for more number of cryptocurrency exchange platforms. And to transact these cryptocurrencies, a cryptocurrency wallet is required.

    Sate Development is a forerunner in developing universal cryptocurrency wallets for an effortless exchange of cryptocurrencies,

    4. Blockchain Testing and Quality Assurance: Sate is known to be the world’s first development company to offer testing and quality assurance for the blockchain sector.

    Sate has successfully delivered over 20 testing engagements and worked on the establishment of several Managed Test Labs/ Test Factories for clients representing different industry verticals.

    Blockchain Software Development Services by Sate Development

    Being the pioneers in serving clients with Blockchain development services, Sate also provides exceptional blockchain software development services as well. Below are some of its software development services:

    1.Smart Contract Development: Sate executes smart contracts to automate enforcement in RootStock and Ethereum. The development company securely writes smart contract codes.

    2. Smart Contract Audit: Security flaws, wrongdoings, and inefficiency may cost highly while the deployment of smart contracts to the Blockchain. Sate entirely identifies the vulnerabilities of the smart contract and delivers the best smart contract code.

    3. Private Blockchain Development: Private Blockchains are created for organizations and are to be operated by the organizations only.

    Sate Blockchain Development helps in the implementation of a private blockchain to an institution or corporation.  

    Enterprise Solutions Offered by Sate Development

    Enterprise Solutions Offered by Sate Development

    Sate Development is one of India’s first blockchain development companies to leverage the blockchain technology to create enterprise solutions. Sate has excelled in delivering high-quality solutions to business across numerous industry verticals.

    Here is a list of industries where the company provides its expertise in:

    1.Accounting: Currently, auditors are only able to verify a small number of transactions and approve the rest based upon statistical possibilities.

    Blockchain solution allows for automated third party verification by a distributed decentralized to assure that the transactions are complete and immutable.

    Sate’s team of seasoned developers guide and influence how blockchain can be embedded and utilized in the future, and develop blockchain-driven solutions and services.

    2. Government Voting: The current voting system is arduous and inconvenient to a lot of people. The blockchain technology can help solve this, by building a secure to vote in the elections online. Interestingly, Sate has collaborated with to get Blockchain technology to the Indian Voting System.

    3. Entertainment: Artists in the media industry cannot currently protect and ownership of their works, and making monetary gains in the digital environment is a daunting of a task.

    Sate’s team of experienced blockchain developers hand over blockchain solutions that solve the problems artists’ have been facing in the industry.

    Why should you choose Sate Development?

    Sate Development is counted among the top Blockchain Technology offering firms in the Indi and across the globe. The company aims at providing strategic, technical and business advisory and development services across different industry verticals.

    With the number of skilled blockchain developers Sate boasts of, the company provides a blockchain training course too. The training course showcases how the blockchain technology can offer a transformative opportunity to eliminate obsolete systems and processes within the organizations.

    The development company is comprised of right talent, having worked for SMEs, startups, enterprises, and HNIs.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I get a certificate for attending Sate’s Blockchain Training Course?

    Sate Development offers training on-site in offices in India and abroad. Each of the attendees is entitled to a printed training material and a Certificate of Completion.

    How do I reach out to Sate’s Development Centre?

    Currently, Sate has both of its Corporate and Development Centre’s located in Mumbai. To reach out to them, drop a mail at or Phone: +91-9821527511.