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  • Technoloader Blockchain Development Company Review

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    Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

    Blockchain Game Development

    Blockchain IoT Development

    Supply Chain Development

    Blockchain Consulting Services

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    Blockchain Technology is growing at a fast pace and is considered as one of the most creative financial applications on the planet. And to develop a blockchain application for a business, one needs to have the right guidance of a blockchain development company.

    To help you with, here in this article we review Techno Loader, a development company offering a handful of blockchain development services to businesses across multiple industries.

    We discuss some of the company’s services offered and what makes it stand out from the other competitors in the market.

    Technoloader Blockchain Development Company

    Technoloader is an IT solutions provider based out of India, offering mobile and web app, game and blockchain development services. The development company understands and has expertise in delivering the best of blockchain according to the industry needs.

    Technoloader’s solutions have benefited emerging business to get established and established ones to proliferate themselves.

    So without further adieu, we bring to you some of the blockchain development services offered by Technoloader. Also, we will be discussing how the development company will benefit a business.

    Services Offered by Technoloader Blockchain Development Company

    Services Offered by Technoloader

    Technoloader delivers best in class blockchain and cryptocurrency-based services to clients from all across the globe.

    Here is a list of services offered by Technoloader in the development of blockchain applications:

    1.Blockchain IoT Development: The concept of Internet of Things (IoT) receives more validation and a robust framework with blockchain technology. A combination of IoT and Blockchain makes the environment even faster and secure.

    Technoloader recognizes blockchain to be a core requirement for IoT, thereby enhances the capability of the working of devices and bolsters their reach.

    2. Blockchain PoC Development: Proof of Concept has been vital across several domains such as Business Development, Engineering, Film Making, and Security. The concept acts as a blueprint of a project drafted as per the blockchain.

    Technoloader takes care of each stage and develops the project on what it intends to show.

    3. Blockchain Consulting Services: With the widespread execution of blockchain technology, there is also a need for consulting in order to maintain the foolproofness of the mechanism.

    With a team of seasoned blockchain developers, Technoloaders bring in a wealth of experience in consultation services as well. The company works on three basic steps to help understand the technology: Planned Consulting, Training Module and Hands-on Experience.

    4. Hyperledger Blockchain Development: Hyperledger focuses on enhancing the performance and reliability by the collusion of building blockchains and distributed ledger.

    The Hyperledger has its own set of sub-categories, and Technoloader provides services in all of them. The development company holds expertise on all of these variants of Hyperledger and thus provides service to the industry it suits to.

    5. Supply Chain Development: Supply Chain is basically the management of goods and supplies. The management often involves the recording of items along with their prices.

    Technoloader enables the supply chain management to complete transparent, seamless and easy. And also eliminate the burdensome paperwork and databases over the server.

    The company’s supply chain management service includes Supplier Catalog Management, Contract Price Management, Retrieving supplier’s quote, Invoices Processing, etc.

    6. Smart Contract Development: Smart Contracts are the digital form of contracts that are encrypted and enable the utilization of blockchains more effectively. Smart Contract has been tested and deployed across various domains successfully.

    Technoloader’s team of blockchain developers help in developing secure and operational smart contract required for utility tokens.

    Smart Contracts have also become a new phenomenon across domains like Accounting and Finance, Insurance, Logistics, Healthcare and Information Technology.

    7. Cryptocurrency Wallet Development: Cryptocurrency wallets are essential in crypto trading. A robust crypto wallet can offer the functionality of earning, overseeing and transferring of cryptocurrencies.

    Technoloader develops cryptocurrency wallets with core implementation of the blockchain and making the wallet compatible for any crypto coin. The company holds strong expertise in creating multi-cryptocurrency wallets that offer the functionality of dealing in multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time.

    8. Blockchain Game Development: At present, the need for online gaming is to have a stronger framework to allocate chips, bonuses, and rewards. The blockchain solution can eradicate the problem and assist the gaming platforms to secure their virtual assets.

    Technoloader builds games on the blockchain technology following the ERC721 protocol. The assistance of blockchain technology makes these gaming portals immune to any hacking attempts. The blockchain technology assists both the gaming websites and gamers in achieving consensus.

    Why should you choose Technoloader?

    Technoloader’s blockchain developers deliver out reliable service and assure that the clients get what they asked for. The development company provides blockchain services to a plethora of industries with their expertise in almost every domain. Technoloader’s understand the requirement of businesses in industries from Shopping and E-commerce to Banking and Finance.

    The company has garnered positive feedbacks from its customers across the globe with the kind of IT solutions it provides. Interestingly, the company has a 95% client retention rate, having its 85% business through customer referrals.

    Technoloader has received appreciation for its blockchain services from Clutch, GoodFirms, and Appdexa.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I connect with the Technoloader team for blockchain-related services?

    You can connect with the Technoloader team by calling on +91 7014607737; skype:technoloader; or drop a mail at

    Besides excelled at Blockchain Development, do Technoloader provide quality services in other areas?

    Technoloader offers expertise in services like web and app development, digital marketing, E-commerce development as well as game development services.