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Start an Uber for Tech Support app using this powerful UBER for X app script

Go light years ahead of any competition and use this turnkey script to take control of on-demand tech support scene!

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Start an UBER like app for Tech Support with this incredible

UBER for X app script

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What do you get in this incredible deal ?

– An amazing UBER app for Tech Support [ Native Android ] ( worth $3000 )

– An amazing UBER app for Tech Support [ Native iOS] ( worth $3000 )

– An amazing responsive admin panel ( worth $2000 )

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What is UBER for Tech Support?
Uber for Tech Support is an exciting new business model using which you can offer customers an easy way to find tech support for their computers and other electronic devices. While the world has shifted to the technological age, a lot of people still run into problems using their everyday gadgets. As such, finding an easy solution to their problems might seem challenging. Not anymore, with the Uber for Tech Support app.
The app works in an easy manner. The user logs in, enters his location and clicks on the “Need tech support” button. The payment is made via a pre-registered Paypal account. After this the nearest tech support provider is directed to the user’s location.

After the service has been provided, the user is encouraged to rate and review the service provider, for the benefit of future customers.
This app is specially designed for techno-phobic users. Its simple design is sure to appeal to users of all kinds.

What is UBER for X ?
UBER revolutionized the Taxi service industry by aggregating all of them. Now the same model can be applied for any service industry. So by the phrase UBER for X — you can replace the X with any service
( Eg : Alcohol, Maids, courier, massages, grocery shopping, Car wash or even Escort service etc. )

Using our turn-key UBER for X script, you can easily get any service in. Check out this article HERE

If you have a niche UBER for X requirement, shoot a mail to : info@appjasmine.com & we will tailor make it for you instantly !

What are the features present this UBER for Tech Support app script ?

User facing app features :

– Any user can press the “Need Tech Support” button to initiate the geo-relevant service. Based on the location of the user, the app will initiate the process.

( Also there will be a provision for the user to get the contact details of service provider to view )

– Once the Tech Support service is done, the user will have the provision to review the service provider who has serviced them.

– Using this incredible UBER for Tech Support app, the user can also start communicating with their provider to give them information regarding your issue ( the details of exactly what happened to your bike / car , so the service provider can come well prepared with it. )

– Once the job is done, the user can make the payment ( including the TIP ) to the service provider via. PayPal using the app.

– Once the payment is made, the client will have the ability to rate the service quality rendered as well.

Service Provider facing App Features :

– Via this incredible UBER for Tech Support app, a service provider is notified instantly when a service request is published within their operating radius.

– Also present in this app is the provision for the service provider to view the customer’s previous ratings and decide whether or not to service them. (Very useful when dealing with difficult customers)

– Via. this powerful UBER for Tech Support app, The service provider gets instantly paid into his Paypal account (including his tip )

App Owner Features ( ie. You) :

– As the Owner of this app, you have the ability to choose from a list of services or create your own to startup an Uber for X service !

– You get complete control over the list of services and registered providers and can charge a premium fees for better or more frequent job assignments.

– As the Owner of this app, you will deposit the payout to service providers at your choice of time.

I want to start a unique UBER for X business. Can you build me an app for it ?

Yes, ofcourse. we have the experts and the technology ready to be used. Just shoot a mail to : info@appjasmine.com with your requirements and we will get started right away !

Top 3 reasons to have this UBER for Tech Support app as a deal here are :

– UBER for X is the future and many customers wanted a powerful app for UBER for Tech Support.

– The UBER for Tech Support space is gaining a lot of heat. So If you already have an existing Tech Support business, just start Uber for Tech Support and build a solid business on top of it – all you need to do is get the technology ready ( and that is what we are providing )

– The folks behind this powerful UBER for Tech Support app are PRO’s when it comes to programming. And they love customer support a lot !