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20 Fonts that you don’t want to miss again -1

20 Fonts that have been around, but you might have missed. Here they are again.


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  Time for typography ay? You are a designer,  you’d know the value of typography and the role it plays in designing.  It’s an integral part of the whole design. Shoddy fonts and those which don’t blend in with your design can create a negative impact on your design. We wouldn’t want that, would we? So here’s what we did. We compiled a font pack of 20, to help you get started. These twenty fonts are from various sources. They are minimalistic in design and can be used in web, print design a few fonts allow you to use it for commercial designs too. Sure to change the way you design. So it’s a great time to Get started with your design with these fonts.


Most of these fonts have been there in a longtime. there’s a good chance that most of you guys wouldn’t have seen these cool fonts. while some are relatively new, the old ones are the rock star. I selected them because of their clear typography. Minimalism is what most of us crave for and this pack will give some real good start on your next projects. Go ahead try some. Geek Ninja Neo Eat Oats | Code Longer


Are these fonts funky or Retro? No, they aren’t. they are simple and minimalistic. Is it free? Yes, they are. The pack contains only twenty fonts? that’s it? Well, we thought these set of fonts will be good to start with. In future we’ll give you a bigger set of fonts.    

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