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Start a trendy personal web hosting site with this clone script

This amazing clone script comes with tons of interesting features and powerful monetizing options !

$9 P.M


Integration Time

20 minutes

Saves You

480 hours of development


Start a hip personal hosting service with this incredible clone script

( Tested for HIGH PERFORMANCE & can withstand any spikes )

Vendor : Learn Sauce clone script

What do you get in this incredible deal ?

– An amazing clone script ( worth $2000 )

– An Expert DIY Tutorial explaining the script end-to-end ( Check HERE )

Questions ? Shoot a mail to : [email protected]

How can make money with this powerful clone script ?

– Premium accounts for creating Custom domains.

– Payments for sponsored listings of business pages, profiles in search and directory listings

– Payments for Banner Ads.

– Via. Ads from providers like Google, Bing, Buy-sell Ads etc.

What is ? is an incredible platform for showcasing one’s personal identity online. A user can create & maintain a detailed page about himself. pages includes a series of fascinating features like bio’s, Recent contact information & Social elements linking to all social bodies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. and much more. Site users can customize their sites with personal photos, unique backdrops, colors and fonts etc.


Top 4 reasons to have this clone script as a deal here are :

– You get an Expert DIY Tutorial that explains the script end-to-end

– This personal web hosting script is a combination of Personal profile directly coupled with Business directory and it has the potential to attract millions of visitors easily. Many have been asking us to bring a sophisticated personal web hosting script deal like We found the products from this team outstanding.

– This clone script has all the bells and whistles of personal web hosting sites like etc. and also the elegant looks of a happening platform.

– This About me clone script has some of the most important features of and also the folks behind this script are experts in programming who also offer great customer support !


When is the launch date of this clone script ?

The work is happening fast to develop a full fledged clone. It is done by experts and will launch on 15th June 2014.

Update : Its launched !

What are the features present in this clone script?

This incredible clone script has all the features of Some of the most interesting features are :

Custom domains : Like you see in, your users can Add custom domain to their pages and have their page open under their domain name. You can choose to have Custom domains FREE to tag -or- get a fee for having custom domains.

Email integrated with Mandrill : All emails going out from the system is connected with Mandrill – so you can tag your Mandrill account and make sure the mails reach the InBox.  Users can directly email users from their page and get in touch with them.

Public Bio : People can view certain parts of your users page even without logging in. All these pages can be easily crawled by Search engines thus bringing in an avalanche of traffic.

Social elements : This amazing clone script has all the Social media icons placed at the proper place for users to share it on all social media.

Business Pages : Present in this powerful clone script is the provision to create Business pages. So now your like site can even act like a Business directory ( like Yelp ! ). You can even charge users to create and Tag a Business page.

Advanced search : This crisp clone script has an advanced search option for users to search and find user profiles, Business pages etc. ( Will be of great help for companies to search for prospective employees – as the profile page will act like a perfect resume )

Responsive in layout : All the pages in this clone script is made to be responsive – so it opens seamlessly on all mobile and hand held devices as well.

Compliments : Built in this clone script are features for users to send various innovative compliments to other users via. their profile page.Compliments are a fun and light way to communicate.

Social signup : The clone script comes with Facebook, Twitter & Google login’s to boost virality on their profiles.

Save info : Also present in this cool clone script are options for users to save the page and contact details of profiles they are interested in.

Discover : Present in this clone script is the Discover feature to find the most popular users, so one can add them in their collections, contact etc.

Albums : This clone script comes with options for users to created photo albums which can be viewed by others as a slide show.

Collections : Also present in this incredible clone script are features for users to create collections and add them to them.

Admin panel : Along with this clone script comes a powerful Admin panel to manage the site end-to-end.

Spot Lights : Spot light is one interesting feature in this incredible clone script.  Via. this your users can create various spotlights on their profiles like ” Hire Me” , ” My Website“, ” Buy Now buttons” etc.

Sponsored listings : This powerful clone script also supports sponsored listings, where in  any one pay extra to get their profiles, Business pages placed on top of search, directory etc.

On what technology is this clone script built ?

This incredible About me clone script is built on PHP/MySQL. It runs great on any LAMP server.

How is the support for this amazing clone script ?

The folks developing this clone script are experts in programming and give great importance to customer support !

How are the updates handled for this clone script ?

As with all our products, Every customer gets life time FREE upgrades.

Do you do customization ?

Yes, we do niche customization for interested customers at a very fair rate.

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