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ad sharing with your user


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One of the best ways to attract new users to your network is to offer them a share of the advertising revenue from their blogs.

This plugin makes it extremely simple to split advertising revenue in a fair way, based on the number of impressions on their blog.

It keeps track of all of the numbers for you and splits the revenue based on your selections. This is also a fantastic way to monetize an existing network.

Add this as a new feature and spark up your users to start generating more income for you and for themselves.

Placing ads and sharing the income has never been easier for you!


Benefits of Ad Sharing Plugin:

  • Fair, equitable, and very attractive way to share ad revenue
  • No need to touch the code or alter template files to insert ad codes
  • Use any advertising partners you want – adsense, context ads, etc.
  • Sharing revenue motivates your users to promote your site


The Ad Sharing Plugin is Easy to Use:

Simply upload this plugin and you can choose:

  • to display ads before and/or after your content
  • to the split in impressions that you’d like to make with your users
  • the code that you’d like displayed

Users get a Settings > Advertising area to enter their own ad code (including a message that you can customize) and if they choose not to – well, you get 100% of the revenues.

Also, perhaps the most attractive thing of all is you don’t even need to edit a theme file!

The ad code is automatically inserted before and after posts and pages for you by the plugin.



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