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Start a profitable Affiliate Marketplace script with this stunning Polyvore clone script

Drench in a pool of Affiliate money with this powerful and sleek Polyvore like Affiliate Marketplace script


Integration Time

Less than 20 minutes

Saves You

480 hours of Development


Create a Niche Polyvore like site with this fantastic

Affiliate Marketplace script


What do you get in this incredible deal ?

– An amazing Polyvore like Affiliate Marketplace script ( worth $3000 )

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What is Polyvore ?

Polyvore is a community powered social commerce website. Members curate products into a shared product index and use them to create image collages called “Sets”.

Polyvore is an online community of taste makers where people around the world can discover their style and set trends. Trendseekers and shoppers alike come to Polyvore to discover brands, products, trends and looks.

Polyvore’s easy-to-use virtual styling tool lets you mix and match products from any online store to create fashion collections called “sets”.

After you have created a set, you can publish and share it with your friends and the Polyvore community.


Top 3 reasons to have this amazing Polyvore like Affiliate Marketplace script as a deal here are :

– Polyvore is all about making money ! A lot of customers have been asking us to bring in a high quality Polyvore like Affiliate Marketplace script .

– This Polyvore clone script is Multi-lingual , Responsive in design and supports nearly all the payment gateways in the world ( including Bitcoins )

– The folks behind this amazing Polyvore like Affiliate Marketplace script are PRO’s in this vertical and value customer relationship a lot !


When is the launch date of this Polyvore like Affiliate Marketplace script ?

The development is happening fast . The launch date of this incredible Polyvore like Affiliate Marketplace script is May 30th 2014

How do you make money with a Polyvore like Affiliate Marketplace script ?

With a site like Polyvore you can make money in a variety of interesting smooth & simple ways :

Affiliate : Get commission when someone makes a purchase following a link ( of sets or collections ) from your site . Whenever users view sets, they can click on any item in the set and click directly through from your site to the retailer’s website directly to buy it. For those partners who have formal affiliate programs, you get paid a commission on transactions originating from your site users.

– Brand advertising programs : Generate excitement and launch new products to your community & get paid by brands for this .

Advertisements , Promote brands & stores .

What are the features available in this sleek Polyvore like Affiliate Marketplace script ?

This script contains all the features present in Polyvore ( infact it can be called a Polyvore clone script ) . Some of the most interesting features are :

– Visually stunning Set Editor : Users can customize and combine multiple items and enhancements to create outfit sets. The sets can then be shared with other users, entered in contests in the groups created etc.

– This incredible Polyvore clone script has Enhanced activity feed to view recent activities .

– This amazing Polyvore like Affiliate Marketplace script has modules to create interactive user groups .

– Has modules to create Contests for the community to choose the best user created sets and collections .

– Via. this amazing Polyvore like Affiliate Marketplace script users can effortlessly share created SETs and item lists with friends .

– This fantastic Polyvore like Affiliate Marketplace script has nearly all the Payment gateways in the world integrated ( also Bitcoins ) and has modules for promoting categories, brands and shops .

– Comes with interesting filters to make the overall experience colorful and exciting .

– This awesome Polyvore like Affiliate Marketplace script is studded with all the required Social media elements and shipped with Facebook , Twitter & Google connect to make things go viral .

– Users can easily be followed by others and comment / like items , collections & sets .

– Admin can define and set Trend setters & bump items to top .

– This sleek Polyvore like Affiliate Marketplace script comes with extensive and beautiful user profiles to give the perfect social effect and also has a elegant Private messaging system built in .

– Categories & sub-categories can be created by user and Admin effortlessly .

– This powerful Polyvore like Affiliate Marketplace script comes with an sophisticated & secure Admin panel to manage the entire site end-to-end .

– Comes with Multi-lingual features for anyone from any country to use the site .

– It is responsive in design , so it opens up seamlessly on all Mobile & hand-held devices .

How will be the support ?

The Support is top notch – and the experts behind this incredible Polyvore like Affiliate Marketplace script value customer relationship a lot . You also get upgrades FREE for lifetime .

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