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Take your Airbnb script to the iPhone market

This incredible IOS Airbnb Bootstrap template will make your Airbnb like site to a sleek iPhone app


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Airbnb is one proved model that is creating waves on the internet . So powerful the concept has proved to be , there are so many clever entrepreneurs coming up with Niche sites like Airbnb for different verticals ( and yes many of them are running their own Airbnb like sites successfully and minting money ) . However there is one area where all the Airbnb clones are missing out BIG time .They have still not thought of the iPhone market ! the iPhone market is a BIG ocean of possibilities for such an amazing concept and many are not noticing it . Off late many entrepreneurs have waken to this truth and we have been getting many requests to bring in a High quality , affordable solution to take their Airbnb like sites to the iPhone . Don’t fear – the Gentle Ninja is HERE ! We have dived deep into this problem and have partnered with the IOS guru’s to bring  you a beautiful solution – yes now finally you can take your Airbnb like site to the iPhone market , with this sleek IOS Airbnb iPhone app template . Airbnb iPhone app template clone —————————————————————————————————————— What do you get in this killer deal ? – A powerful IOS Airbnb iPhone template to take your Airbnb like site straight to the iPhone market ( worth 250$ ) – Comes with complete installation by IOS experts ( worth 150$ ) – Professional support and updates Any questions please shoot a mail to :  [email protected] —————————————————————————————————————— What are the benefits using this incredible IOS iPhone Airbnb template ? Its developer friendly : This IOS component is built in such a way that even the most average iOS developer can immediately start tinkering with it and customize it . Storyboards : iOS5’s latest developer technology has been used , thus making your development more convenient and you can easily keep adding on more interfaces as you go . XCode Instruments : A lot of time has been spent in evaluating this project in XCode’s Instruments and we are pleased to say it is having an optimum performance, you can concentrate on your ideas alone and you don’t need to bother about the performance! Facebook login : Comes with Facebook login enabled .


The Top 4 reasons Gentle Ninja chose to give this Airbnb iPhone template as a deal are : – The template is time tested and developed by group of tech savvy innovative geeks , who also value customer relationship a lot . The version provided is a very stable version . – A lot customers who own an Airbnb like site have been asking to bring in a effective solution to take their Airbnb clone script to the IPhone market . – We searched all the web to find a nice solution for this issue ( but sadly it was not addressed ) . So we partnered with an excellent IOS company to make this dream comes LIVE . – This is truly a money making component which the Gentle ninja thinks will add a lot of value to peoples life .


How does this template work ? This sleek IPhone Airbnb template has been engineered to directly communicate with your Airbnb sites database and bring in the data to your IPhone app users . What are the Airbnb scripts in the market that are compatible with this IPhone template ? Right now this Airbnb IPhone template is compatible with the famous Droppin Airbnb script . I have an Airbnb clone script purchased from other vendors ( eg : Airhotels from , Burrow from Agriya , Airbnb script from ncrypted etc. ) . Can you make my script as an IPhone app as well ? Yes it can definitly be made . We will need to examine your script and make some API additions to it and the IPhone template will automatically pickup your data and go LIVE . How is the support ? The folks who have developed this powerful Airbnb IPhone template value customer relationship a lot . They can be reached anytime for any support . Do you also help in submitting our IPhone app to the apple store ? Yes we will give you all the guidance to submit your app to the Apple store .

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