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Smooth Animated Splash Screen for Food Delivery App Script

Buttery smooth animated Splash Screen for Food Delivery App Script. Source files & Documentation included.


Integration Time

15 Minutes

Saves You

95 hours


Meet… Assiduity. 


for your Food Delivery app Clone script. 


What do you get?

– An easy to integrate splash screen animation that doesn’t leave a hole in anyone’s pocket. Entrepreneurs will thank us.

– Visual Guides and Best practices that you can follow to implement the Lottie Framework powered animation. 

– An easy implementation guide for developers who have NEVER implemented Lottie based animations before.

– Works well with the android and iOS apps. Check here

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Why should you get this Splash Screen animation for your Food Delivery App script?

Save Money. The cost of animating and converting the design to a lightweight animation would take an enormous amount of time and money as it involves the effort of three resources. All of which can be saved if you bought this.

Great Design.  The elegantly designed splash screen can create a sophisticated image for your brand. The slick animation loads faster just like your service.

Quick Integration. With the help of the Implementation guide, even a novice developer can replace any generic text and integrate the animated splash screen easily.

What difference does it make to have an animated splash screen for your app?

If you have purchased a clone script from any vendor, chances are there that the design has been reused across all their clients. It makes a ton of a difference when you have your own design that is customized to your business/ food delivery app script.

Food delivery apps that are already on the market use this to make the experience engaging, they even add, visual cues and quirky animations throughout the app so its fun to use the app, so they keep coming back. 

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How easy is it to integrate the Splash screen animation?

The designs are built by world-class designers and have been converted into lightweight JSON animations by talented developers, who have made sure that the best coding practices are followed so as to enable other developers and entrepreneurs to easily integrate the splash screen animation.

Is the Animated Splash screen cross-platform? or is it restricted?

The Splash screen animation is JSON based and any mobile OS that supports this format can render the splash screen app smooth. 

I’ll need a fresh animated splash screen design for my app. Can you make one?

That’s great, we do take up customization projects for custom splash screen development for brands that need a very unique experience for their app. Please get in touch with the team to kick start a brainstorming session here

What’s the deal with the low prices? Is there any catch?

We believe that everyone should have access to great design. We’ve priced the product low in order to make the product accessible to a lot of users who cannot afford to hire a full-time illustrator and developer just to do this task. Also, economies of scale, anyone? 🙂

Do you sell any other design and functionality plugins for the app?

Yes, we do. We have a whole range of design elements that would enable anyone to build a great looking app without costing much. After all, the overall look of the app is determined by the quality of the visual elements present on the app.

Can I resell the animated splash screen anywhere?

No. it’s not allowed. Each purchase guarantees one license only for one app. If you are a service company that is interested in having the design integrated for your client, do get in touch we can work something out. 🙂

Questions? have them answered here

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