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Make money blogging using this incredible Auto blogging software

An Amazing auto blogging software that helps you automatically update multiple blogs with content.


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An Amazing auto blogging software that helps you automatically update multiple blogs with content.


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Keeping the content fresh on your blog is really important. It increases your regular readership as well as your Google ranking. If you’re managing a lot of blogs, it becomes even more tedious to regularly update content. That’s where this software comes in.

So how does this fantastic auto blogging software help you?

Frequently updated content is always given prime importance by search engines like Google, Bing etc.  The kick-ass auto blogging software publishes high-quality content automatically. All you need to do is set it up and let it work. Your site gets fresh content every day or at the interval you specify.

Here are a few benefits this cool tool can provide you: Auto blogging software

 – This powerful auto blogging software searches and fetches high-quality posts from various websites refurbishes it automatically and posts it in your blog ( based on your keywords ) using an AI-backed content engine.

–  The content is refurbished to an extent that it doesn’t resemble the original content (in most cases, context is important.) The script understands this.

– The auto blogging software is i18n compatible (multilingual) . It can pull content form any language and translate it before publishing it.

– Unwanted content like banner ads, scripts, and links are removed and then published.

– This auto blogging software can schedule posts at a later date. So you can schedule the amount of automated content that should be posted on your Blog.

– The blogging software uses a grammar engine to proof-read the content that is put out. The algorithm intelligently makes your blogs look natural and increases the content’s uniqueness ( very SEO friendly ).

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The Top 3 reasons Gentle Ninja chose to give this auto blogging software as an offer are :

– The auto blogging software is built by bloggers for bloggers, ever care has been taken to ensure that the software works fine without breaking.

– A lot of customers have been asking to bring in a good auto blogging software to make money blogging. We spoke to a bunch of folks in the market and this seemed the best.

– This auto blogging software is a real necessity which the Gentle ninja thinks will add a lot of value to people’s career & life and help them make money blogging.


Do I require technical skills to handle this powerful auto blogging software?

Absolutely not. You can simply follow the instructions to set it up and it’s easy. The software setup is guided and can be accessed through the dashboard.

How can I contact the author of this amazing auto blogging software?

If you’re looking for support you can contact the owner or through the marketplace forum. By default, product has support for 6 months. Additional support packages can be purchased.

Does this auto blogging software work on WordPress blogs also?

Yes, the software has to be installed on a wordpress based site. It seamlessly fetches content for blogs built on these platforms.

How is this different from WP Robot?

WP Robot works with only WordPress. But this auto blogging software works by pulling content from other sites that have RSS capabilities as well. 

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