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10 Inspirational movies every Entrepreneur should see !

Being an Entrepreneur is like sitting alone in a boat, on a dark night at the middle of an ocean – with a lantern … all you got is just that lantern of HOPE !

You will need to be damn sure that the lantern of HOPE you got is always lit – or your gonna plunge into darkness and wake to go for a regular job again . One of the many ways to keep that lantern of HOPE burning bright through thick and thin times is to keep your self energetic & motivated like crazy at any given point of time – and yes a few inspirational movies can help a lot !

So in this post today, lets have a look at a list of TOP 10 inspirational movies that can serve you that dose of energy and self motivation. This list of inspirational movies is curated taking into factor a lot of elements ( and also the ease of getting a good print of the movies on the internet ) . Lets start from Number 10 :

10) The School of Rock ( 2003 )

 This is a classic Jack black movie showcasing a wanna be rock star, who gets booted out of his band and in serious need of cash and fame. Looking for opportunities to pursue his dream, he becomes a substitute teacher at a prep school, and tries to turn his class into a rock band. Finally he wins the “battle of the bands” competition by training and motivating his team of kids .
Inspirational movies School-of-Rock (1)

Moral : This is one of those must see inspirational movies, for all those who loose heart easily and quit at the first level of defeat. The movie stresses on the factor, to leave NO stone un-turned . It clearly spells out the saying, ” The darkest hour is just before the dawn ”

9) The Social Network ( 2010 )

This is one those movies that will make you do a startup the next day !  The story of how Mark Zuckerberg fought through all hurdles to create a Social Network that has touched nearly every internet user on the world … The Story of how a student started a simple site in his dorm room to become the biggest social network in the world … The story of how a passionate youngster rejected a $1 Billion offer to hang on to his dream !
Inspirational movies social-network
Moral : The Social Network is one of the very few inspirational movies that explains how true passion towards your work and creation can overcome any hurdles in life. It also preaches the saying ” All is fair in Love,War & business ”
8) MoneyBall ( 2011 )
MoneyBall is a classic one among, all inspirational movies for showcasing the granular details & real difficulties in achieving something – be it small or big . Its a true story of the GM of Oakland A- Mr.Billy Beane. The story revolves around how Billy successfully creates an A-Team of Baseball players using computer-generated analysis to acquire new players.
Inspirational movies Moneyball

Moral : Starring Brad Pitt, MoneyBall is considered one of the best inspirational movies of all time. It speaks out the importance of a strategic leadership and willingness of the leader to pivot and use all means possible to acquire the best team to do a task. It also teaches on how a leader should act at times of crises without loosing his cool.

7) GURU ( 2007 )

GURU is an Indian movie portraying the life of the leading industrialist in the country Mr.Dhirubhai Ambani. The movie showcases all the difficulties undergone by him to create his business empire. It showcases how an aggressive visionary villager ruthlessly pursues success to form a leading brand in the country. Starring Abhishek Bachchan in the lead role the movie takes you through the inspiring journey of a man to make his dream in realty .

Inspirational movies GURU

Moral : ” You need to believe – to make it happen ” , is a message that comes out crystal clear out this this amazing movie. GURU is considered one of the most Inspirational movies, not only by tech entrepreneurs – but also every business man who has a dream to create an empire. A must watch !

6) The King’s Speech (2010)

This is one inspirational movie you cant help but LOVE ! Its a true story happening during the world war in 1939. The movie showcases the stammering issue of King George VI, who needs to desperately get rid of it to make his first wartime radio broadcast in the UK. The movie unveils the hard work and determination, King George VI went through to overcome this issue, by cooperating  with Lionel Logue, an Australian speech therapist. A beautiful and inspirational movie it is.

Inspirational movies The Kings-Speech

Moral : The King’s Speech is for sure a sensational one among all inspirational movies for the reason it teaches a very important lesson : Via. hard work, practice and determination, one can over come any drawbacks in life. It also gives out a strong message for all aspiring Entrepreneurs to embrace the fact that it is wise to take help and advice from more experienced people.
5) Pirates of the Silicon Valley ( 1999 )
A big time fan of Steve Jobs? Then this is the movie for you :) The entire movie is a big roller coaster ride of the fantastic life of Steve jobs and his visionary journey to create the Fortune 1 company in the world – APPLE ! The movie shows the various ingenious techniques followed by Jobs to create a cult behind his company. Also comes in the movie are parts from Bill gates life. A must watch inspirational movie for all Entrepreneurs.
Inspirational movies pirates-of-silicon-valley
Moral : Steve Jobs himself has given a lot of legendary motivational quotes – and all those apply here . In a line the movie portrays an important message from Steve ie. The Ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world – are the ones who do !
4) Lion King ( 1994 )
Lion King has been a long time favorite inspirational movie for many. It is one of those rare inspirational movies that inspite of being an animated cartoon movie – squeezes out so much of wisdom and inspiring messages ( that it will bring out hundreds of onion cutting Ninja’s in your room ). The story shows a frightened young lion cub, who flees into exile and abandons his identity as the future King. It shows how he regains courage and finds out the truth to re-claim his throne.
Inspirational movies Lion
Moral : The movie itself has many inspirational quotes by which it lives. Some of the important messages to aspiring Entrepreneurs via. this amazing movie are : ” The Past can hurt – but it is your choice to run away from it, or learn from it ” , ” Always look beyond what you can see in life ”
3) The Pursuit of Happyness  (2006)
Starring Will Smith in the lead role, The Pursuit of Happyness is for sure one of thebest inspirational movies of all time. The story is based on the life of Chris Gardner ( An American Entrepreneur and investor ), who started his life as a struggling Salesman finding it difficult to even meet ends. The movie takes the viewers through a series of de-motivating events and struggles faced by Chris Gardner in his life. It shows the determination & belief required to overcome any hurdles in life to attain success.
Moral : A lot many inspirational messages can be learnt from the movie . But the one main take away for any entrepreneur from this incredible movie is : The world is your oyster. It’s up to you to find the pearls .
2) Wolf of Wall Street ( 2014 )
As I write this post, Wolf of Wall street is a HOT running movie. The movie show cases the life ofJordan Belfort and his ingenious techniques to attain wealth  and riches in a quick span of time …only to fall into law suits and spend years in prison. Jordan comes out to become a leading motivational speaker in America. Till date many Sales people and aspiring entrepreneurs listen to the motivational speeches of Jordan Belfort.
Moral :  Wolf of Wall Street gets the 2nd position in our list of inspirational movies for the reason, it says a compelling message : The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself, as to why you cant achieve it !
1) Batman begins ( 2005 )
Ok – if you have not seen this movie yet … just SEE IT :)  In no Super Hero movie can you learn so many valuable lessons as learnt from Batman begins ! Directed in a typical Chris Nolan style, Batman begins shows the life of a common man emerge to become a super hero loved by many. It shows clearly that it takes a lot to become a Super Hero ..or any Hero of any sort !
Please do lets us know any movie we have missed …
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