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10 Popular Internet of Things Applications

Internet of Things (IoT) is simply controlling a machine or hardware with another hardware through the internet. With the availability of high speed internet, transmitting instructions between two devices is now a possibility and having had the pleasure and comfort of a remote control device, IoT is quick to gain popularity among the people and is sure to find its significance in every activity from household chores to controlling heavy machinery and mechanical devices. In general any device or a thing that can be given an IP address can be controlled wirelessly through the internet.


Any device running on electricity and having a controllable on/off system can be remotely controlled by IoT and here we have listed few of the Best IoT applications in all major lines of work.

Smart car:

This is most probably the first of the IoT applications that any individual can think of. A system that would keep the driver updated on the car’s performance at all times. Though the big brands in car manufacturing industries are yet to have their creations compatible to IoT, there are now several start-ups and software developers figuring out ways to integrate automobiles with the best innovation that technology had to provide – IoT. Not just the vehicle’s performance, the driver or user will be notified about every minute detail on the condition of the vehicle from the tyre pressure to battery’s health and more. Know what exactly is wrong with your vehicle without having to wait for the mechanic’s report. And paying only for what really is the issue with your vehicle makes this one of the cost saving Internet of Things applications as well.

IoT for Pet Care:

Yes! You read it right. Here is an IoT application that every pet owner would love to have. And assuming there is not a single household without a pet, this IoT application is set to be greeted by everyone. Here is how IoT can benefit both you and your pet. With IoT, pet owners now get an interactive device to monitor their pet’s activity every minute. With just a sensor and the internet, the device attached to your pet’s collar collects all data about your pet’s activity, their whereabouts etc. In addition, IoT can also assist pet owners in feeding their pets at the appropriate time even when they are not around. Pet owners can also monitor their pets’ health and also remotely feed them keeping a track of their diet at all times.

Industrial Application:

An IoT application that can never be overlooked. Being a machine to machine technology, IoT tech can be used to control pretty much any equipment and especially at the industries where heavy machinery is often used, Internet of things applications can reduce the risk factor to a great extent and the best part is that its monitoring and controlling system can be manually supervised and put aside anytime. Need a pipeline lifted off the floor or a cable held high to the roof? With no requirement for skilled manual labor or presence at the work location, IoT applications can assist in doing the same in a much safer way and lesser time.

Smart Cities:

Smart cities – a term that we have been used to hearing for quite some time is now a reality where every aspect of the city from water resources to lighting systems can be monitored and controlled with just a few sensors and the internet. Best of the Internet of things applications that lead to safe and secure living. In addition to the water and lighting systems, IoT can be used to determine the structural strength of buildings, control traffic, parking assist, advanced security and much more.

IoT in Home Automation:

So IoT can help people smart cities ground up and incorporate with several advanced features as seen above. Integrating the smart city houses with several features from water management, electricity control, security systems etc comes as the basic needs at a smart city and IoT can assist in the same as well. IoT applications can be applied in not just houses but also in corporate industries and residential buildings. Use IoT to remotely control any appliance, also maintain the temperature of a room and prevent unauthorized entry to the premises etc.

Health Care:

Yes, IoT can lend a helping hand in taking care of patients as well. IoT can be installed and used to assist the elderly in taking a walk around the park all by themselves and also measure and monitor their blood levels and monitor heart rate etc, In addition to this and as the best Internet of Things applications in healthcare, IoT can be used to monitor every activity of the patients and also provide advanced security.

Environment Monitoring and Control:

The rise in temperature and change in climatic conditions have really increased the need for environment monitoring all around the globe. And in dense forests where forest fires are common, having a system to monitor and report the temperature and also a system to keep it under control can now be easily offered with IoT and with other significant applications like pollution and temperature monitoring have now put together yet another major IoT application.


Though being one of those fields that IoT hasn’t found much recognition at right away; farming is one of those Internet of things applications that has great significance from start to end. Controlling the water flow, measuring and controlling the moisture and regular weather reports make it more convenient for farmers to keep an eye on their farms from far away locations.


Again a direct customer service arena where IoT has found its significance – retail shopping. From tracking the produce and monitoring storage conditions; to customer service, there are quite a number of machinery or equipment’s involved in shopping sites and with a system to control everything remotely; IoT does come as a gift.

Maintenance and Repair:

A line of work that deals with a lot of tools, regular monitoring and involves certain risk. But with IoT monitoring and repairing now come in handy and with much ease.

This is only an insight to the big list of significance IoT has had till now and with more techies interested in it, the list is all set to stretch; extensively.

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