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3 Simple Tips to boost your SEO on Youtube

As you have significantly heard before, YouTube is a second largest search engine in the whole world apart from Google no website is accessed frequently than YouTube. As per the statistics, Google has more than 1.1 billion visitors and YouTube have 1 billion viewers, which is more than FaceBook, Yahoo!, Amazon, Wikipedia, Bing and other popular sites.
YouTube produces a $4 billion income per year and has achieved approximately 4 billion videos per day.This equates to 6 million hours of video watched per month and 300 hours of video are uploaded at each minute. Many business owners concentrate on normal SEO to trade their homepages, blogs, media profiles and landing pages. Instead of following the traditional SEO to trade, start focusing on how to enhance your business’s online appearance to improve in YouTube search rankings.
Here are vital tips to boost your SEO on YouTube.

Boost your soe on youtube

Here are vital tips to boost your SEO on YouTube.


Start from the initial step, if you want to be seen as an authentic and appropriate brand on YouTube you need to create a profile and establish a name for yourself. Register your brand by signing up for a profile and select a channel name and logo by uploading a unique banner. You have to fill some information about brand for authenticity. One of the aspects to build your YouTube is the vanity URL. The vanity URL is a unique web address that is branded for marketing purposes and help users to find your channel effortlessly.


Keywords are important in video SEO. Use the Google’s keyword planner tool to find which keywords the customers are searching. There is a huge demand for relevant keywords in the videos. Generally, Google and other search engines may prefer to have the video arrangement fo keywords that revolve around reviews, humorous topics and in many other contents. In traditional SEO, focus on long tail keywords is becoming important. In another way instead of building a video around the keyword try to use keywords in the same way how the users search for.


The description is very important in the search result that appears below the video. It will be easy and helpful for the users to refer before clicking on the video. Make sure your description should be clear and precisely explain regarding the video and it’s a good idea to brand your description by including links to other pages and videos to generate the traffic. Every business owner should focus on the benefits for producing high quality video and alluring video content on the YouTube to increase the traffic.

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