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4 lessons to learn from the movie MILLION DOLLAR BABY

Have been hearing a lot of good things about the movie ” Million dollar baby” . I have a special liking to Clint Eatwood directed movies ( after watching the Grand Torino ) . His movies have that special level of maturity in them and embraces realty & sentiments in a striking manner .

So finally decided to see this film ( it also had a real good IMDB rating ) …. Million dollar baby is one of those movies that truly gets you involved in the film and yes it easily brings out 100’s of Onion cutting ninjas …. I was so happy to have watched this film that I decided to highlight 4 important lessons I learnt from this awesome movie :

Age is not a limitation :

Of all careers in the world that depend heavily on the AGE factor – SPORTS definitely will hold the first place ( even in the acting field , you can try for a father, aunt role etc. ) …. But when it comes to sports…. Age for sure can be a show stopper ….. But not for Maggie – the lead character in Million dollar baby !
She is 31 years old & and she is still trying to become a boxer …. Yeah BOXING ! Where the younger you are the more strength, flexibility you have and the more competitive advantage you have …

When Clint Eastwood tries to advice Maggie that it would surely take another 5 years for to get trained and by then it would be way too late for things to happen …. Maggie comes out with all will power and says she CAN make it to the TITLE match …. And she makes it as well !

So for all those out there who think that they are too old to succeed …. There is a clear message from this movie : It does not matter how old you are …. Do you still believe ? … As belief and hope is all that counts !

Million Dollar baby

ike it or not – We need mentors :

Yeah yeah … Am too one of those who hate teachers and people who advice …. But surprisingly some of the critical decisions I took in life & those that were good decisions were taken under the advice and guidance of well wishing mentors ( a mentor needn’t be an old man wearing specs with a grey beard – even a friend who gives good advice is a mentor )

In the movie Million dollar baby, Maggie is a waitress from the age 13 …. with a passion for boxing ( and she keeps practicing as well – spending all her hard earned money on buying punching equipment’s ) ….. but even at the age of thirty she doesn’t even qualify for a preliminary fight ! …. At the age of 31 she approaches and gets trained under an experienced boxing coach ( Clint Eastwood ) …. and she grows to become a national champion in just a years time !

You can be gifted, talented, passionate etc. But an experienced mentor can connect you to the right people and help you reach your destination – all the more soon .

So get a good mentor …. shut-up & listen to him.


Always watch your back :

Its a dog-to-dog world out there ! You may follow the rules, have ethics, have discipline, follow the process etc. But always remember there are thousands of people out their who are fished up very badly in life & money/success to them is like water & oxygen to us …… How badly would you fight with other humans to taste the last drop of water on earth ? ….. That’s how these people will fight you to sustain their hard earned success and money ! …… So always watch your back …. Have eyes behind your head…. as you never know what is coming towards you the next moment !

In the movie Million dollar baby, Maggie competes with Miss.Blue Bear in the final round to win the championship ( Miss.Blue Bear is a prostitute from Berlin turned professional boxer & dirty fighter willing to break any rules to sustain her money and championship).

When Maggie is on the final round of winning the championship title – Miss.Blue bear gives her that fatal punch that puts Maggie paralyzed in bed until death ! …. she receives this punch during the half time from a frustrated Miss.Blue bear. If only Maggie would have been a little more careful and avoided that fatal punch ….. She would have been happy for the rest of her life ….

So always watch your back ….. Make it a practice …. As this world is filled with too many sick people ….



Dont let your DREAMS haunt you for the rest of your life :

Yes thats true, the worst thing that can happen to a man is letting go of a Dream he has in mind – as the dream that is not fought for can haunt you the rest of your life.

In the movie ” Million dollar baby “, a bid ridden Maggie pleads Clint Eastwood ( her trainer ) to mercy kill her – and she is happy to die as she has reached the goal of her life and seen what is like to achieve what she wanted all her life. So she dies a happy soul.

Note : People die everyday my friend…Mopping floors, Washing dishes. You know what their last thought is? ” I never got my shot ” …. So live your DREAM every moment, so even if you die today….your last thought should be ” I think I did alright

Life is tough. So keep fighting the good fight with all thy might, as anybody can loose 1 fight or even a 100 fights… a lot of people may make great fun of you – or call you a loser… but for sure there is that ONE fight waiting for you – that you will WIN ! and you better keep that in mind .

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