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The pursuit of HappYness

I was a bit confused with the title as it said “The Pursuit of Happyness” rather “Happiness”. But when I was watching i completely forgot about it. Wait no, I forg0t about the entire world for an hour and half.  He talks about Thomas Jefferson during the declaration of independence when he said right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness .  He says “ And I remember thinking how did he know to put the pursuit part in there? That maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue and maybe we can actually never have it.”

If  you are expecting a romantic, cheesy movie.. well no. This is an inspirational movie and its beauty is its honesty. This is a true story where the Black guy is trying to make ends meet.

After “Men in Black” and ” Bad Boys” , Will Smith choose a very different role. A real man’s role. This movie is all about how life can be a bitch. How rich takes on poor. But there has never been a mention on race. *surprise!*

The Pursuit of Happiness

Will Smith is a protective father who is poor and trying to provide his 5 year old son comfort and happiness to his wife has been failing repeatedly. He happens to be a sales man who is constantly facing failure like an uninvited guest. He is very good in numbers and can solve Rubik’s cube in minutes. That puzzle was a legend in 1981. A brilliant man with no open windows.


pursuit of happyness

There is no end to your life if you haven’t struggled yet

This story is very challenging and inspiring piece. Chris Gardner’s constant meeting with disappointment and failure still keeps him to work hard and not let his hope die. As he is a stock broker, his stock is never sold out.

All in the rags-to-rich tales we find Chris who is looked down and rejected. He is unappreciated from the start. He runs around with the Bone-density machine to every hospital and resources department to sell but all he gets is a rejection. Looks like it’s his best buddy.


Linda, his wife who is unhappy for more than a while decides to abandons the family. She has been portrayed as a selfish woman who is exhausted of being let down and doesn’t want to take it anymore. She has let it go.

Parts of his life

He eventually becomes homeless as he couldn’t pay the rent. He faces losses. Many indeed. Missed opportunities. Real things which didn’t happen the way he wanted. Maybe his bad luck was on a push all this time. This part of my life is called “INTERNSHIP” . An unpaid internship for six whole months and Bone density machines on the side. All the misfortunes in a box has been presented to Chris with a ribbon and bow on it. The movie keeps us in the suspense that ‘will it have a happy ending?’

Chris has a totally uncompromising attitude. He decides to get an internship as a stockbroker in Dean Witter. He is an extraordinary man who is just on the sidelines. He maintains a healthy relationship with everyone. Stays calm throughout the time and never indulging in anger.

Will smith

Proving that Chris is an incredible guy who describes his life in parts. Time where he almost lost one of his super expensive bone density machine is called as “this part of my life is called being STUPID.”

Will Smith has a conflicted character where he wants to improve the conditions of his family but to do that he has to put them on risk for a while. Jaden Christopher has done justice to the character.

At one point of time we observe that Chris has been running all the time in the movie. He says “ this part of my life is called as RUNNING”. He doesn’t loose his hope even at the hopeless times. He impresses a wealthy white man by completing the Rubik’s in a taxi where the white guy leaves the taxi without paying him. When Chris runs away without paying for cab, the driver never uses ‘n’ word. There is no racism in the movie or they choose not to depict it.

Blame America or is it just Chris’s misfortune?

This movie was directed by a British man and sure would have enjoyed the desperation and poverty of Americans at that period of time. This movie puts me in thought that is it ‘America’s lack of  giving opportunities?’ or ‘the misfortune of Chris?’ or ‘success in America?’.

Is this movie trying to prove that hard work leads to success? But this movie portrayed the person’s hope to a hopeless state on life which eventually led to depression on a delicate man. This movie has a highly emotional touch which triggers the humane instincts of any person with a heart.

Sure, it’s  an happy-ending

He did have a happy ending after all the struggles he had faced. In the end he says “this part of my life is a little part is called HAPPINESS.” Will Smith in the movie has nailed it when he expresses it.  His broad heart content smile can never be forgotten by any one.

The Pursuit of Happiness

All in all

The movie changes one’s vision on the society, business and family. This movie is an amazing heartfelt performance which motivates every single person to lofty heights. The plot may be slow at times but definitely offers an insight towards the character development and explores the themes of patience, love, hope, faith and bonding. It teaches us keep moving and only keep moving even in the tough times.

Will Smith is perfect and his son Jade is extraordinary. The movie is very accurate but painful at times. It is in short very motivating, uplifting, poignant, honest, real, touching, painful and emotional. Everyone of what ever the age is recommended to watch. Rich, poor, business men,  students, teacher, anyone! You will surely change the perspective of life.


It made me cry like a baby when I first watched the movie. *spoiler* stoics sorry to say, you wont still be called as a stoic after watching this movie as it has a capability of bringing tears in  your eyes! It mainly makes us understand what poverty is and leaves us thinking for days. We cry because not some tragedy happened but something good happened to the character which we always wish to see in his face.


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