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5 lessons every AAM AADMI should learn from NARENDRA MODI

Its not just a victory – it is a SIGNIFICANT victory for BJP and Mr.Narendra Modi. While India enters a new phase with a promising new Prime Minister – as a common man, we have a lot to learn from this historic victory achieved by Mr.Narendra Modi. These 5 pointers when put in action can really take us places !
Nothing happens over night :
Becoming the Prime minister of India with majority was not something Mr.Modi pulled off over night… it has been a slow, tiresome & rough 39 years of journey ! The plan to climb up the ladder to become the Chief minister of a state & from there elevate to become the most important person in the party , to becoming the Prime ministerial candidate & finally WIN the elections by capturing millions of hearts in the country …. has been laid & built with determination for atleast the past 12 years ! …. well, we have all heard the saying ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY
You have a dream? You working hard towards it? Congrats, you will get it – not today, not tomorrow…not even the day after ! It takes real good time to see your dream become realty. You should accept this fact and keep fighting the good fight with all thy might ! …. after all if something is so easy to achieve over night – then everyone will be having it, which makes it not such a great thing to aspire for
Did you know ? Mr.Modi helped his father sell tea at Vadnagar railway station when a child and as a teenager he ran a tea stall with his brother near a bus terminus.He joined the RSS in 1970. He was assigned to the BJP in 1985. In 1988 Modi was elected as the Gujarat BJP secretary. In 2001 Mr.Modi was offered the post of the Deputy-Chief Minister by Mr.Advani & Mr.Vajpayee, which he refused saying ” Am going to be fully responsible for Gujarat or not at all “…and on October 2001 he was appointed the CM of Gujarat.

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Do your enemies a favor – Dont make them famous !
” My fight is against Modi, he will lose ” – Arvind Kejriwal
” I challenge Mr.Modi for a face-to-face debate ” – Dr.Kumar Vishwas
Likewise, there has been many instances in the past 4 months where the leader of AAP Mr.Aravind Kejriwal has given many open comments on Mr.Modi provoking him to reply back. But in return all he got was silence from the later ! There was even comments on his silence – provoking him more… but still all that was returned was silence ! … what they did not understand was : it was not Silence – it was experience ! ….even a single comment from Modi would have put them back in lime-light with the press covering it again & again – thus making them all the more famous, which Mr.Modi cleverly did’nt make it happen.
Sometimes it is better to keep our mouths shut – as the more we speak the more free publicity we are giving for our competitors and enemies. Many a times being mute can make magic happen ( remember how Sachin Tendulkar never replied back to any Australian bowlers comments – but answered back with his bat ? ) …. caz only when you talk, you are pushed to walk the talk – or else you can just keep walking the sweet walk !
Have a dream? Pursue it !
Becoming the Prime minister of the worlds biggest democracy is not an easy job. Winning the hearts of a country that has diverse religions, diverse Languages, diverse Caste’s and thoughts – aint a simple dream ! … well that is what Mr.Modi had, and he was determined to make it happen – whatever it takes and however long it takes. His determination, persistence and clear planning made his dream come true !
There are many who are gonna say ” This is stupid – dont day dream “, ” What you think is not possible at all ” etc. They say it, because they cant do it – and it does not mean that YOU cant do it ! Its your dream and its upto you to protect it and pursue it. Do always remember : No dreamer is too small – No dream is too Big !
Tit-Bits : There was a time when investors dared to invest a single rupee in Gujarat. Under the strong and strategic leadership of Mr.Narendra Modi the living conditions of people increased. There was great importance given to develop infrastructure projects in the state. By December 2008, 500,000 structures had been constructed.The government succeeded in bringing electricity to every small village in the state – thus boosting the confidence of the people of the state. The changes brought by Modi in the period 2002–2007 has led to Gujarat being called an attractive investment destination !
Keep calm & work – things will happen…
Its a known fact that the United States denied VISA for Mr.Modi. But yesterday, the president of the United States of America, Mr.Barack Obama has personally called Mr.Modi and congratulated his victory and also invited him to America !
Things may go bad, Things may not continually work out as expected, There may be a storm, There may be darkness…. but always remember : It is the Darkest before Dawn – So just keep calm & keep working on what you started, things will change, the storm will eventually die out – the winds will blow into your sails and your boat will move automatically towards your destination. All you need to have is HOPE and keep working towards your goal with HOPE !
Home work really pays BIG !
What you see in Mr.Modi becoming the PM – is victory. What you don’t see behind this phenomenal victory is some heavy Home work & planning. From convincing his party leaders to becoming the Prime ministerial candidate to using media cleverly to project his success stories to convincing the people of the country to believe in him – it has been a lot of Home work, that has been executed in a phase by phase manner over a long period of time.
Did you know ? From Jan, Mr Modi, the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, addressed 437 big rallies, participated in a total 5827 public interfacing events and traveled over three lakh kilometres across 25 states in his attempt to connect himself to the people India. Now that is some solid home work to do in a span of 4 months ! If it can be done by a 63 year old man – What is your excuse?

The difference between a loser & a winner is – the winner home works & plans before he takes a shot.  Always remember : Failing to plan – is nothing but Planning to fail.  Have a goal set and start doing your home work on how to execute it even before starting it. It is said that really successful people even plan with the end goal mind – starting backwards & that they also have a plan B, in case plan A doesn’t work out.

So before each word you say, each action you do, each decision you make – do a clean home work on how it should be done, before starting it.

Tit-bits :  This is an election of Lot of firsts :

1. For the first time, a sitting CM becomes a full-term PM of India.
2. For the first time, in 30 years, India see’s a single political party getting majority.
3. For the first time, Cong has not even scored a half century.
4. For the first time, An Indian Prime Minister to be born in Independant India ( Born on September 17th, 1950 )
5. For the first time, the sensex breached the 25,000 mark due to election results.

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