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Top 5 social bookmarking scripts


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Top 5 social bookmarking scripts

List of Social book marketing scripts

[this arrangement or the order of the social bookmarking  scripts are not according to ranking or grading system]

  1. Hotaru CMS

Well,  Hotaru goes with “open source plugin-powered CMS engine” this is a social bookmarking script which is an open source for webmasters to develop their own social websites within hours. It is developed with PHP and MySql. Hotaru has flexible Plugins and themes which allows you to create the book marketing script in your terms.  All themes are for free and there are more than 100 plugins available in the site.


It is available is 7 languages : English, French, Italian, Polish, Bulgarian, Chinese and German.

Although this can be used to create general sites, this platform is for potential social bookmarking. It includes treasures for webmasters like in-built library, extensions, 3rd party scripts like JSMin, htmLawed, SimplePie.

2.Pligg CMS

Pligg is one of the best social book marketing site which is more or less like Digg. Pligg has its own ring over the social bookmarking market. Hundreds of webmasters prefer Pligg as its simple and has a uncommon amalgam of flexibility which is neither easy nor uncompromising.


It is one of the most effectual content management system that anyone can download for free.  It supports you with 9 different languages. It’s a great platform for encouraging visitors to register on your own website and share the articles.

Moreover, the articles are sorted out by the votes given by visitors. And therefore the article with the highest number of votes get the popularity and stands at the top of your website. In addition to this, Pligg CMS has hundreds of beautiful templates, components, extensions and Plugins for customizing your website.

Pligg, if implemented, it can make millions of dollars for you! And  not to mention, Pligg CMS allows to you to start your website in hours.


Kubelabs is a PHP [general based programming script] script. It helps to create and run a homepage [freelance site] using and

It supports 12 languages : English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Thai, Chinese, Arabic , Persian, Turkish, Dutch and Indonesian.

Its features :

It makes your job easier as it is super simple to edit any HTML template files. It has spam fighting security codes which is very useful for a social bookmarking site. These social bookmarkings sites are prone to spammers. Simple wizard installation, external dig buttons and powerful admin panel for controlling your site. It is very easy to edit language files in Kubelabs. There is no need to set up a cronoib.  You have the facility to dig up/down comments. It has automatic retrieval for websites like Youtube and Google. Last but not least, it automatically add stories from RSS feeds.

4.PHP Dir Submit

It says “ start your own 3-in-1 Automatic Directory  Submission service” and earn money with PayPal. This is a social bookmarking script which is very easy and powerful to use turn key  PHP script  that allows you to start your own automatic directory submission service. Once, you have installed this social bookmarking script, anyone can submit their sites with an internet connection. Articles and bookmarks in one place. Simple and simple! De-Chapter and Death by Captcha fully supported.

Top 5 social bookmarking scripts

They have included around 300 link directories, 300 social bookmarking sites and 300 article directories. If this is not sufficient then you can add your own in the directories in the admin panel. It is one of the powerful content management system which is [ 100% Google friendly] Whitehat SEO tool. Its all for free. Free installation. If you already have a website, you can just add without paying anything extra.


This is an other social bookmarking site which is notable. User friendly social bookmarking site that features an installer, comment system, private message system, highly secured admin page with a password, template system and spam protection which is necessary for every social bookmarking script.

The best news about this script is, purchase of one domain name is just $29.90 which can be paid through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard. This includes full open source code, free lifetime updates, free installation and free support.

It is completely  supports SEO [search engine optimization] which supports URLs. Marker Paper also uses SEO templates. Custom META keywords and description tags. Like better social bookmarking scripts, Marker Paper too has powerful comments system, private messaging system and cache systems. It uses default registration roles, user roles. Enables to approve new members on or off. Allows/ supports Youtube videos and user albums.

The requirement of this social bookmarking site is PHP 5.0 or greater is a must and MySQl 5 or greater. Web server should be setup to allow database access.

Conclusion :

All the mentioned 5 social bookmarking scripts are known for their simplicity and accuracy. It places everything in an order for your convenience. No jumbling of articles or contents in the script. Very well manageable as it offers many extensions and Plugins. To make it more appealing, all these social bookmarking scripts has more than 100 templates and themes.


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