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Listed below are a few USER EXPERIENCE [ UX ] prototyping tools.
INVISION : This UX prototyping tool can transform your designs into high constancy prototypes for the web and mobile. You can upload your images , send the links to your mobile or desktop to your stakeholders , receive feedbacks from your stakeholders , use hotspots and have interactions and make it seem like a real app. It is united with Fireworks , Photoshop and illustrator.
This is a simple prototype building app , light in weigh which adds as an advantage to this tool. With this tool you do not get to design your real pages but set the idea of your screen and add the other apparatus of your choice and upload it to InVision. Once uploaded the PNGs , JPGs or GIFs the tool links pages joining together and allows you to have hotspots. The hotspots created can be saved into templates for later reusing it easily. InVision offers a few quality associated features. An individual pages or a complete prototype can be shared easily through nimbly accessible links , the views can then later comment on it. And if a certain number of people are required to work on the prototype you can definitely invite additional designers. A certain amount of effort goes in to designing the smooth interface , while using this tool. The details in terms of visual design and interactions are finely tuned , the process for uploading is effortless while the files are dragged from the desktop to and dropped in the web app. This is a neat focused application.
HOTGLOO : To obtain amazing concepts in a simple , quick and beautiful way HotGloo is your tool. HotGloo helps its users that is you , to work from low to high precision , work from wireframes to prototypes. Get idea and prepare thoroughly gathering feedbacks about it , review it and finally improve with every time. HotGloo wireframe is simple to understand which makes it easy to use , it is collaborative , independent and very interactive. It provides real time wireframe work to be done with your tasks quickly and also communicate with no difficulty to your team partners using the built in chat. The user can access their account at any time at any place on any OS or browser. The user again , you can link items to their site maps and do much more.
PROTO.IO : To create high fidelity prototype which function exactly similar to your real app , is the tool , you need to select devices and add all the components to create and run your interface. It can mimic screen transitions , animations , touch gestures or aligned changes because it was basically created for mobiles. Apps for mobiles , websites for mobiles and also the online web apps are gaining amazing popularity and this makes it important to have the perfect layout to make it took attractive. To add animations , transitions and fun interactivity to your prototypes creates a good impression as well experience for your clients. The features available let you test a real portrayal for your mobile website , mobile app or web app , by this people viewing your app get the best experience from the prototyping stage.
NOTISM : A collaborative tool which helps to share designs and also obtain the best feedback from co – works as well as customers on the projects , also discuss the added notes and projects with editors and reviewers. This tool is great for task management. This tool lets you receive instant feedback , provides tools to sketch out comments , easy ways to create prototypes , gather real time feedbacks , provides highlighters and etc.
SOLIDIFY : It is specially aligned for user testing , a complete full loaded tool which will let you create easy clickable prototypes , the testing can be done at an point of development. This tool makes it possible to create prototypes which can be connected to testers all over the world. The tool provides information on data of great value such as where the users click and other reports. This tool is best for quick assemble of clickable prototypes , user testing and testing interface at any desired phase. Using sketches clickable prototypes can be created , also using wireframe or mock ups, it also validates the flow of users on any device.
PROTOTYING ON PAPER [ POP ] : this is a tool app for iOS and android , for importing sketches by taking pictures , to make the sketches unclouded and clear it automatically adjusts the brightness and contract of the sketches. You can create wireframes using your notebooks. To make this app work all you need to do is take a paper and design on it , take pictures of your sketches , link the sketches and play it.

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