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7 Ready-made Instant Messaging Programs for Large and Small Businesses

Instant messaging; a popular among smartphone users has been the best innovation mobile applications have given to the all of mankind and has attained the status of being the first go-to means of communication for almost everyone of us. And for the rest it’s the only mode of communication. Providing users several features from easy registration, setting up a profile, sharing text messages, images and even videos to individual users as well as groups, instant messaging programs soon became the thing!

Once owned only by the teenagers, instant messaging has come a long way to being handy and beneficial to every user. And the newly added feature facilitating users make free voice calls to anyone in their contacts, has only added more to this factor.

With real time communication features and ability to be in touch with friends and family at all times and from any place, instant messaging programs came with the best features – convenient and cost efficient or simply FREE! With a wide range of advantages come drawbacks as well. Being instant, the messaging program denies the user the feature to rework on a message or have it in draft and send later. And with just a phone number, any IM user can contact another user with every opportunity to conceal their identity.

Though solid, the advantages instant messaging programs clearly overcome the drawbacks and the world has already moved from making calls to instant messaging. Corporate industries and even small business have realized the need to have a similar program for instant communication and file sharing facilities among their employees which would eliminate the need to have in-person conversations and exponentially increase their employees’ work efficiency.

But an instant messaging program for businesses has the need to be integrated with a lot more features than a normal messaging app and here is a list of the best instant messaging programs for business that are integrated with numerous features than just messaging.




With the focus to serve any business, big or small; the new software GroupRocket helps business owners create a niche instant messaging app for their business right away.

Coming as two versions; as a web version for desktop users and an iOS version, the software gifts the buyers a secure registration system where their employees can enrol at it only through an e-invite via Mandrill. After which they can manage their profile, set a profile picture, set notification features and more. Message or text a colleague privately or create different groups and have a conversation among all members of their team. And creating different channels, users can monitor and take part in different group conversations and provide instant feedback on a member’s idea or document. As a secure feature the software not only notifies the user on activities of their team members’ but also their own and comes as a package with free life time upgrades and source code. And with the APIs provided, the software can be integrated with numerous applications in addition to Mailchimp, Stripe, twitter etc. that come integrated with it already. Every message is archived and can be accessed anytime.

Newbie in the market? Doesn’t really work like one!


Coming across all operating platforms, and popular among all instant messaging programs, this software comes integrated with several applications from Google drive and DropBox to Heroku and also provides provisions for the businesses to integrate several other applications as per their necessity. Serves as a simple and user friendly messaging app and has recently included emojis to help the users have a relaxed discussion with their colleagues. Users can share screens, documents, videos and send voice messages as well.

Yes, the software is available for all devices and with the sync feature the users have to make changes at their profile in every device no more. All files and messages shared at the software are archived and using the simple search feature, users can access them anytime.


Being the most sought after search engine and providing email solution to billions across the world, it is quite obvious that Google brought its instant chat solution ‘Gtalk’ to the market where users can make free voice calls. With email being the best communication platform for all industries, it’s ‘Hangouts’ feature come as the instant messaging solution to every user with a Gmail account where users can share images and text other users both individually or creating a team. Share you documents with your email accounts’ Google drive feature and chat with your colleagues at the ‘Google Hangouts’. No separate software or the need for a huge memory space.


The instant messaging platform that is available on all operating platforms from Windows and Mac to iOS and Android. Again, a platform to have one to one conversations or have a group chat that allows file sharing and easy access to the same. Remove members of the team or add new ones by sending invitations to enrol at the software. Swapping tablet or desktop computers and mobile phones, the software has sync features that keep your dashboard updated on all user activity at anytime. A software that can provide a complete communication solution to any business.


Need a simple online platform to discuss work status, assign and organize tasks among your team? It is much common for a shared idea or a file falls deep inside a thread of emails over time. But with the software’s search feature view a message or grab a file instantly. The content editor helps you create project plans, list of requirements, schedule meetings and more and get instant feedback as well. Have a query and no idea who to ask? Just pop the question out to the whole company and get an instant reply from a subject matter expert. And with every file stored at one place; get access to any information in just a few clicks.


One of those instant messaging programs that provide a perfect communication tool not just among the employees but with the clients as well. The program allows users to share files in any formats and share their screens as well. Exchanging private messages or having a conversation with your team is now easy and as an added facility, the software allows users to conduct in-app meetings with the video calling feature it provides.


The best among all instant messaging programs in providing its users a fun way to have business meetings and discussions among their team mates. As a simple inter office communication tool, the software allows users share files, take screenshots and even have an in-app conference. The software comes with a built-in feature for multi language support and can be translated to any language and in addition the user can type a message in one language and have it delivered to their colleague in a different language.

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