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Its a competitive world and you definitely need to involve new techniques to convert your visitors to buyers . And these techniques need to be above the normal ways others follow to make your visitors your ambassadors for your product . Check out the following points that are 100% required in today’s world :

Yup that’s right . You know the pain , effort you have put in to bring in a visitor to your page ( Maybe SEO , Guest blog , Social media …whatever )  – you definitely need to capture his contact details to get in touch with him in future . But …. do it softly . Your site visitor should not even know that he is giving his contact information ( bare minimal his email ID or a Facebook LIKE to your fan page ) , you should make it such a pleasant experience for him . One best way is to have a LIVE chat option on the page . There are many free services on the web to install a LIVE CHAT in your site . One hard truth is – If you LOVE what you DO … you will spend time to speak to your site visitors – so PLEASE spend some time to speak to them over the chat and eventually get them to either download your FREE ebook or somehow get them to subscribe to your updates in a very kind and polite manner . Remember every visitor is a treasure for you !

Eg : Check out this chat window HERE

– Attract their attention
A visitor might have come to some page of your site for some reason – but for sure they will be of your target audience ( if all your site content is related to your vertical ) . So have a good NOTIFICATION bar or a BANNER that leads them to one of the best products in your site . SALES science says that this converts nearly 40% of your visitors . Have a prominent NOTIFICATION BAR leading your visitor to your best product . Even if they don’t buy your product they will for sure ask you some information about it … and man this is the HOTTEST lead you can GET !

Eg : Check out the Notification Bar HERE

– KILL’em with a killer deal !
OK you have successfully lead your visitor to a page with your notification bar or a banner . Now you should give them a compelling reason to buy it or at-least enquire . How can that be done ? Only by a having a killer deal or discount on your awesome product . People always like deals and discounts – USE it ! Give a compelling PRICE point that they cant resist .

– Have a BLOG
Whatever your site is about or whatever you are selling , make it a point that you have a BLOG related to your vertical . First it gives your visitors a feel that you are the expert in the field . Second with a BLOG you can attract a lot of search traffic .

– Have COMBO’s
You might have seen in any retail store this magic in action . Buy this SOAP and get this SHAMPOO for free ( or vise versa ) . If you have a related product add it as a bonus combo to your main product . If not search the web for vendors that have a compelling product and convince them to add it as a COMBO in your offering – this really converts and gives all the more reason for a visitor to make a decision over your competition .

– Don’t ignore your Online Reputation

It has become a custom for buyers to search the web for positive feedback on your product ( well – we all do this … a simple Google search about the product ) . So make it a point that you don’t have any BAD reviews in the first 5 pages of search engines . Sweat not if you have – you can always push it back by various Online Reputation management services present online . Even if you dont have any bad reviews – Take the extra effort to fill the first 5 pages of search engines with positive reviews about your product or service .

– Fantastic Testimonials work !
You like it or NOT – Buyers want POSITIVE feedback . When a visitor comes to your Product or service page have testimonials that just AMAZE them . Imagine you are about to buy something and you see people WOW’ing the product . So as you get buyers ask them to give a good testimonial and show case it on your page . If you can even get their permission to add their contact information – YOU HAVE MADE A SALE ! One of the best places to pile up your recommendations is on LinkedIn .

– There is no harm in asking

If you think you have written something of value or you have a good product – dont hesitate to ask your users to SHARE it in social media ( You never know which content goes viral these days ) . One other benefit of your visitors sharing your page is that for sure some of their friends will be interested in your content – so ASK there is no harm !

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Just try following the above steps and Am 100% sure you sales will FLY HIGH .

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