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Admire Mobile eCommerce Platform Android app launched!

We’ve launched the native android app for The Admire – A multi-vendor marketplace shopping cart software. With the web version of the script, now you get a dedicated android app for your marketplace. Screenshot_2014-04-08-18-47-47 You can learn more about the Admire multi-vendor shopping cart software from our product detail page here. Features of Admire mobile ecommerce platform – 1 1. Home page displays the latest arrival in your marketplace, users can browse through categories, look out for the hot selling products in your marketplace. 2. We’ve got a user activity page. Similar to the notifications page in the web, all the notifications will be displayed in the activity page. Note – We’ve got push notifications too. You can disable/enable push notifications from the app settings. You get notifications if someone follows you, if someone admires your product, features your products etc. Screenshot_2014-04-08-18-49-51 3. The shop page will display all the products that are for sale in your marketplace. A user can admire those products, add them into his wish list, edit the wish list, comment on the product etc. 4. Admire app has got advanced filters. In the shop page, you can filter products based on price, color and categories filter. Screenshot_2014-04-08-18-53-11 5. We’ve got the Upload feature! You can upload products instantly from your app. You can use android live camera or gallery to upload a product picture. All the uploaded products will be displayed in your profile added column. This upload feature is a major advantage – as it brings more user engagement to the marketplace. If a user visits a offline store, he can take a picture and upload the product to the marketplace. Those pictures can be wishlist’d by other users. This creates an user engagement. 6. The product detail page has got enough information on the product with a buy now button. If your marketplace user wishes to purchase the product, he can use the buy now button to add the product to cart. Screenshot_2014-04-08-18-56-50 7. The cart page has options for the user to avail discount/coupon codes, enter their shipping address and checkout using different payment gateways. Once you’ve successfully purchased a product, you can view your purchases under ‘My Order’ column inside the app. 8. The user can edit the profile, change password, location, website address and shipping address too. We’ve got a separate page to add/edit/delete shipping address for the user. Screenshot_2014-04-08-18-57-30 9. User profile has options to view other similar users, check their wish list, admired products etc. You can follow them if you’re interested. Also you can check the number of people following, total number of followers. We’re still improving the mobile app with more features. Kindly test the app and let us know your feedback. You can download the app from Play store. If you want to test the app – You can use the login credentials given below.


Username – [email protected]

Password – password123   1

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