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Choose the best Android development tutorial out of these top 6 providers

best Android development tutorial

It was Apple that started it. The IOS platform introduced the concept of mobile apps back in 2008 and it has been a rage since then. Mobile apps has become the future of the internet and it is a known factor that the browsing habits are changing rapidly with users spending more time on mobile apps than the traditional desktop. Following the IOS platform, Google released its revolutionary Android platform and took it even a step forward by making it open source – thus enabling any hardware vendor to easily patch up the Android platform to their hardware and coming up with an innovative Android device ( be it a Tablet, Smartphone or any wearable device for that sort ).


In this post lets take a deep dive and compare the top 6 Android tutorials – that can make Android app development for developers and wanna be’s. Each Android development tutorial is chosen very carefully by considering a wide range of criteria’s. The top 3 factors based on which we did our research were :

Easiness : The Android development tutorial should be very easy to understand, even by a novice or beginner.

Process flow : When reading through a Android development tutorial, it is of utmost importance that there is a clear process flow in the way the android tutorial is constructed. The understand-ability of the tutorial is entirely based on how the different chapters in it are arranged.

Pictures & sample code : Every learner who wants to learn Android app development will for sure need a lot of sample code and pictures in the Android development tutorial, to understand things much better. It will also be of great help is the Android development tutorial also has hands on videos to make things more simple and straight forward.

Having said that lets take a look at some android tutorials that can give you a good head start and knowledge in this mobile app programming language !

– OpenCV ( check HERE ):

This is one incredible Android development tutorial that puts a lot of importance on setting up the environment required for starting effective development work. Since Android is an open source project released by Google, there are different tools and environments that can be setup to program an Android project. The Android development tutorial from OpenCV gives a very clear cut understanding on all these tools and environments, which will be for sure a solid platform for developers to build their Android projects on. For the learner this Android development tutorial can create a very good substratum to build his knowledge on. One other specialty of this Android development tutorial is that is written with Windows 7 in mind ! while many developers would be default start with a Linux based framework, this android app development tutorial also gives a view into the Microsoft world, as there are many who own and run a Windows machine and will be of great help if they they start their Android programming on the OS they are most comfortable with already.

– Vogella ( check HERE )

The Android development tutorial from Vogella is one detailed tutorial that really gives peace of mind to all the readers as every detail is explained in an elementary and simple manner. This amazing Android development tutorial concentrates more on all the bells and whistles and get-to-knows of the Android platform even before starting to learn the best practices. The author of this android programming tutorial walks the reader through each and every components present in side the SDK and also gives a clear cut explanation on the security related concerns heads on. Once all the basics are made crystal clear, the android programming tutorial takes the reader with ease into the more complex parts of programming. It is a simple and detailed android tutorial that can be of great help for beginners.


– Android on Eclipse ( check HERE ):

This android development tutorial is from the big blue IBM them self Since it is from an enterprise you can be double sure that all the content inside should have been vetted trough by experts before publishing. This android development tutorial teaches Android development with Eclipse as the development tool. Also this Android tutorial gives 2 sample projects to execute and learn Android app development hands on ( with the first sample being a basic one for beginners and the second sample a more complex app ). But be informed that you will need to have basic programming knowledge in Java etc. to hit the road running with this android development tutorial.

– Android Training ( check HERE )

Ok – this incredible android development tutorial is directly from the makers of Android ( Yeah Google ! ) and it is one of the best tutorials you can spend your time on. The specialty of this android development tutorial is, it is constructed in a very decent classroom manner with all the learning materials organised and categorized in a group by group manner. Every task in the Android Tutorial is attached with code samples to get your hands on. Also there is a very vibrant community involved in this space and you get to ask any questions / clarifications etc. to the community via. the forum and get instant replies from your fellow learners and class mates. Completing all the courses present in this android development tutorial in the arranged sequential order can get you all the insights from the bare elementary essentials to the advanced areas. Its a good android development tutorial for beginners as well as experienced developers ( you can swap to the required area of the tutorials easily on a click )


– Android Training Tutorials from Lynda ( check HERE ):

Lynda is well known for the video and e-learning tutorials it provides. The android development tutorial present in this site is a detailed video tutorial which one can listen to , see, interact and learn. Since its a visual tutorial the ease of learning as the instructor explains through various phases of the course – is much more when compared to text based tutorials. This android development tutorial takes the learner through all the required parts in Android app development, which even includes the submission part to the installing the required development tools, Google Play store, Monetizing Android apps etc. Each part of this android development tutorial has detailed screen shots so the learner is not confused in any area. One can pause, rewind etc. during the course of the video tutorial ( the perks of learning via. a video ). Some of the e-learning courses here are paid and many are free as well. Also you get a chance to ask questions to the instructor while watching the video and checking out other questions from other subscribers to the Android development video tutorial.

Advanced Android Tutorials from Tutsplus ( check HERE )

Tutsplus is well known in the eBook market for the series of amazing eBooks and tutorials they release for its subscribers. As a open page tutorial for Android development, Tutsplus has a detailed android development tutorial for Advanced programmers. In this incredible tutorial you get to know how to start of by installing a Android NDK and you will learn how to make simple calls from Java code to native C code. The educational content present here is free for any one to look through and learn and it is constructed to boost your Android development skills with advanced concepts explained in a nutshell. But as mentioned earlier this tutorial is for people who are already familiar to an extent with Android development and are also familiar with Java and C.


Having got to know the top 6 places to get a good android development tutorial, it is also advisable to join the most happening vibrant communities and forums to mingle with like minded learners and developers. How much ever you read a android development tutorial, you are prone to get tons of questions that can stop you from proceeding. In such cases having a presence in live Android development communities and forums can get your questions answered then and there.

All the best for your career in Android programming .Watch this space as we keep it updated with more courses .


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