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Basic website marketing tips on how to promote your website

Website marketing and promotion is one of the most essential part of making your Online business a hit . However big your idea is or however beautiful your website is – it needs visitors ie. Traffic .  Targeted visitors & traffic is one thing that will bring a smile on your face – as it is from this point on the entire world of Online business opens you in front of your eyes .

What is Website marketing ?

To put it in simple words – Website marketing is the process of taking the word about your website to the outside world as much as possible . It is the series of steps you do to reach the target audience you have in mind .

So how to promote your website ?

There are many effective ways to kick start your Website marketing – lets discuss a few important ones here ( which are those mandatory steps that you should do for any website ) :

* Free website submission :

The web is filled with websites – there are zillions of them . You will definitely need to make all the people visiting all these websites know about your website . One of the best ways to do this is to take advantage of the Website directories present out there . Website submission to directories can give your website that initial push in your website marketing effort . There are many paid and free website submission directories available on the web . Website submission to these directories can get your website in front of millions of people visiting these directories from various channels . Also free website submission in directories help your site to get indexed in search engines much faster – as search engines continuously look up such directories for new websites entering the web ( and not to mention the valuable back-link you get for your category ) . If you don’t have enough website marketing budget , you can initially try free website submission . Here are some quality directories that accept free website submission :

– Listings from Gentle Ninja

– Little web directory

– Direct My link

Website submission Paid Web directories :

– D Moz

– Yahoo Directory

* Submit URL to search engines :

One thing you cant ignore in website marketing is the organic traffic from search engines . Now-a-days generally you don’t need to submit URL to search engines , but its always considered a best practice among web marketers to manually submit URL to search engines . While major Search engines like Google , Yahoo, Bing etc. will automatically crawl your website – there are still thousands of small search engines that can potentially give send you tons of traffic . You can easily put your website inside these search engines when you manually submit URL to these search engines .

You can find the list of important search engines to Submit URL to in this list

Website marketing

* Social media website promotion :

Off late Social media has grown to become a 1000 pound gorilla that you can ignore .If website promotion is done strategically in Social media in a very phased manner – it can give you real good and targetted traffic . You can start your website promotion in the leading Social media platforms like Facebook , twitter , Pinterest , Google + etc.

– Facebook website promotion : You will first need a Good FAN PAGE in Facebook to start your website promotion in there . Find related groups inside get actively involved with the community . Find your competitor Fan pages and also comment on posts they put in their fan pages . If you insert your web pages in these comments and discussions in a timely manner – for sure it can be a working website promotion technique that will eventually send you heaps of traffic . One other way of effectively doing website promotion in Facebook is by leveraging their targetted Ad system .

– Twitter website promotion : Twitter is one other heaven for spending time on website promotion . Before starting your website promotion in twitter , you will need to have a good twitter page setup . You will need to actively keep your page updated with interesting posts and follow related accounts . Soon you will start receiving your own followers in your Twitter page via. whom you can get interesting tweets re-tweeted , thus reaching their followers . When website promotion is done in a phased and measured manner in Twitter – it is said to send back many visitors to your website .

– Google + website promotion : The latest heavy weight in the Social media space is Google+ . Here you get options to open up pages for your business and get people to follow you . The main advantage of spending time on website promotion in Google+ is is it is highly connected to the search engine . If you have what the algorithm requires ( Votes , Interest from followers on your topic etc. ) there are chances your posts may rank on searches for target keywords .

* Search engine optimization :

Considered one of the main areas in website marketing is one element you cant ignore . Its not required for you to do Off Page optimization ( Article writing , Back-linking etc. ) . But at-least its essential to have your Website On page optimized for search engines to effectively pick up your content and show to visitors searching for related keywords . This form of website marketing can get your website a regular stream of visitors really interested in your content and service . You can get all the advice you need on SEO from HERE & HERE

* Forums & Article marketing :

Related forums can be a rich source of visitors to your website . Do a simple search for forums in your vertical and stat getting involved in the community . As you keep answering and engaging in conversations in the forum you can subtly provide links and references to your website thus attracting the forum visitors to check out your website . website marketing via. forums can give you a steady stream of traffic from the people who keep coming to the pages where you have your site mentioned .

Also you can similarly search for related blogs and leave comments or your opinions there with references to your website pages . You should also try contacting the blog moderators to allow you to post guest posts in your vertical . These Blog and article submission website marketing techniques can bring in influential visitors to your Website in masses .

The above points are just the tip of an ice berg answers for the question on ” how to promote your website ? ” . Consider these as the basics of website marketing . Once you complete these action items lets look deep into more focused website marketing ideas and different ingenious & strategic website promotion techniques .

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