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Benefits of Starting a Niche Slack App Clone

Note : In our sources ,we have heard that the folks at provenlogic ( the developers of various clone scripts ) are developing a complete slack clone app script. You can shoot a mail to [email protected] to get more information on the same.

Slack clone script app is the new app which integrates all your communication apps which you have been using already in one place and helps to search your past messages, send /Receive files (file sharing) and Display your social media feeds. You can now get your Google accounts, Drop box, Twitter, Zen desk and much more apps in one place. This is done to save your time and you don’t need to check all the apps all the time. It is available wherever you go on all devices except windows phone. You can also use the web browser to easily integrate with slack. What are the benefits of starting a niche slack app clone?

This is an organizing app with diverse channels for your essentials. You can allot your favorite apps to any channel like general, work, home etc., and helps you to assemble many users in a team. You can send private messages to any user in the team, which is an added advantage.Starting a Niche Slack App CloneHighly Demanding Innovative product

This is a new product in the industry and has a remarkable future.  This saves huge time for the users by keeping the contacts searchable. Users want an app that can save their money and time. The market is huge and would sell quickly regenerating more revenue from the app store.

 Re-skinning and Sales

This is the new business in the industry, re-skinning an app can fetch you decent money in the Android and IOS market. These days, huge number of apps posted through app store every week. This is an innovative idea and can help to serve your customers better. You can generate much more revenue from the app store. Benefits of starting a niche slack app clone are splendid. Making money online depends on the niche you select and how much traffic you get by posting the article.  You can easily make money by selling on app store and promoting your app through your marketing team.

Also recreating app meaningfully can get more leads in your app purchase and get your income increased in a short span of time. In app cloning, we will keep the methodology same and create more ideas to make this app better than original for a meaningful purpose.

Free or basic version includes mobile ads which can get you income every month. On the other hand, you can make in app purchase for this app which extra storage space , more integrations and  more searchable option.

Start Being Productive

Take advantage in creating an app like slack and this will be a great start for a successful journey. And integrating about thirty apps or more apps inside a single app is difficult task and a great opportunity. The apps are increasing in number on a daily basis. And more users are interested to purchase app online.  This is the right time to build an app like this and it would be challenging.

What’s the customer’s benefit?

Customer’s benefits have been already explained. Having more apps in one screen can help you save time and you will not miss any message. Sharing your files, viewing and interacting on social media make the app marvelous.

How can Entrepreneurs get benefitted?

Creating an app can be nerve racking. We have a team of highly talented developers who would assist you in every possible way. Creating an app with the same methodology is completely legal and safe. This would save your time and money.


This slack app clone is a virtual organizer. It gives complete peace of mind for many people by quickly retrieving the context and displaying the social feeds in the same screen.

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