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Best 5 Android Apps for Startup Business

In any startup businesses, as an entrepreneur you need to work hard to achieve the desired goal and grab all possible targets. Android smart phones will help you by downloading the appropriate apps for your startups business and to keep away from desktop. Mobile Apps are meant to reduce your overloaded work and get rid of those unnecessary tasks.

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Here are the best android apps which will help your startup business.

  1. Google Docs

The perfect suite for Android smart phones is Google’s collection; this app embraces word processor Docs, presentation maker slides and spreadsheet editor sheets. Google Docs includes better tools to insert tables, images, charts and other elements into your documents and it is also compatible with MS office files. This app is more attractive in an interface, is easy to work with and it’s simple to convert files from your desktop and smart phones. Another feature of this app is that it can be easily collaborated with other documents and can share work with others at the same time in same documents and not worrying on losing data, as everything is saved automatically.

  1. Expense Manager App

Expense manager is a personal assistant app for financial crisis and best app for startup businesses. This app will categorize your records and track expenses with an easy to use interface. Then it arranges these records into visual graphs to alert you where your money is flowing and has a list of features to track expenses, income by week, month and year and also by categories. This app manages multiple accounts in multiple currencies and also the daily weekly and monthly budgets and will even help you to keep track your bank accounts so that you can stay focused in business operations.

  1. OneNote

One of the best Apps for startup business, OneNote can track all your notes in one place wherever you go. Microsoft’s OneNote has more in-depth features with easy to use an interface. OneNote automatically syncs all your notes to OneDrive. And allows taking a backup of the files they can be accessible via the cloud so colleagues can collaborate and share ideas with the team members. OneNote facilitates you to get your recent notes right from your home screen to OneNote recent widget and OneNote app works best in stylus equipped devices.

  1. StartUp Checklist

To start a new business is not easy in today’s economic world so here is the best app for new startups business – StartUp Checklist. This app contains 36 steps to be checked and tasks to be completed before launching. Each step has guidelines, tips, necessary forms, resources and time needed to launch a new venture. StartUp checklist also covers plans and all things to be considered when ramping up a business.

  1. SignEasy

SignEasy is simple and suitable to sign documents securely from your smart phones. This app allows you to sign documents and other document formats without the need of printing, faxing and scanning of documents. SignEasy works by importing files from email, storage devices by which you can sign with your finger or either by a stylus. Once the file is edited with your signature and date, then the file is saved and exported to its original location.

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