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Best Companies Behind Internet Of Things Applications

As Internet connectivity is getting embedded in every aspect of our lives; the investors, the entrepreneurs and the engineers are rushing towards it to implement the advanced technology in their business and set out a standard and stand out from the rest. IoT applications are potentially changing every industry the way they served and the way they worked in last few years.

Needless to say that the present rage around the IoT is huge, it seems like every day a company releases some IoT enabled product. Smart home, Wearables, Smart city, Smart grids, Industrial internet, connected car, Smart farming are some of the prominent and popular IoT applications.

internet of things

Here are some of the best companies that have pushed the IoT applications to new frontiers and are leading the race to shape the future of Internet of Things Applications.

Adhere Tech:

A simple product from a smart company, that focuses on discrete problems and quickly comes up with the right solution. They provide a connected pill bottle that ensures patients take their medications in the right time.  The bottle uses sensors to detect when one pill or a particular amount of liquid is removed from the bottle. If the patient forgets his particular days’ medication, the IoT device reminds them via phone call or text message. That makes companies building consumer-Internet tech eager to jump on the site, even when they already have funding from other sources.


Microsoft has consistently transformed the way that people live, work, play and connect through great technology. It has stepped into the Internet of Things in a big way by announcing free windows licenses for devices with screens smaller than 9 inches. The Azure platform promises to become popular platform for connecting devices. The company is also experimenting on the industrial IoT space. In a joint project with robot manufacturer Kuka, the software giant recently designed a Jeep Wrangler plant with Microsoft technology to run manufacturing lines. Similar projects have been piloted in the connected health and connected car space.


The first company that coined the term Internet of Everything – Cisco, is now mainly focusing on developing network equipments like routers and switches for enterprise customers. Apart from network equipments, Cisco also takes part in security solutions and is the host of the IoT World Forum.


SAP is yet another company positioning their HANA database as “the secret sauce to make Internet of Things run simple”. Besides enabling their ERP-System with IoT functionality and experimenting with M2M platforms, SAP is undertaking pilot projects in logistics, service, and manufacturing operations among others.


Bsquare enables smart connected systems at the device level and many use data solutions for growing Internet of Things. Bsquare has expertise on leading platforms to create new connections with customers for new business models and to enable new ways of working and communicating. The company is focused on serving their customers by forging connections among the partners, people, tools and also the technology needed to create smart connected devices and to deliver desired business outcome with IoT solutions.


Aeris is the only cellular network designed and built specially for machines. Aeris has been a leader and pioneer, shaping and driving industry innovation and standard in communication between IoT devices. Customers choose Aeris because they deliver enhanced connectivity that drives business. From vehicle crash notification to burglar alarms they optimize communications between IoT devices that perform better than any other carrier.

Wind River:

With embedded devices at the edge of the network, networking devices themselves need far greater intelligence, flexibility and reliability to grow communication infrastructures to support the highly dynamic need of sensors and devices. Wind River offers the industry a wide range of device development portfolio and the complete vertical platforms built on the market leading to real-time operating systems and commercial open source solutions that enables the customers to fully exploit the unique advantages of each approach.


Flexera Software has long been the market leader in helping application producers configure, monetize and track their software. Flexera software’s Internet of Things solutions provide intelligent device manufacturers the enabling facility to develop a profitable software businesses based on Internet of Things applications. Industry analysts predict billions of internet-connected, software powered devices that are controlled by software licensing and entitlement management systems leading to a big list of better and new revenue opportunities for companies especially startups. With intelligent device manufacturers increasingly turning to software to deliver more value differentiate from low-cost.


The startup that took a different look at the various IoT applications figured out the ‘perfect’ problem that would exist among the employees especially in corporate industries, residential places and hotels – communication. IoT can be installed to monitor or control any device. But when the controller has to get in touch with a repairman or maintenance executive on any equipment’s repair issues as notified by the IoT device, he/she would have to stick to the old communication technique – phone calls or messages. But with Theatro’s wifi enabled wearable device, communicating with other workers within the organization now comes easy.


Keeping your house safe and secure at all times is always tough and especially when on a vacation keeping it safe and also a track of all those who ‘paid a visit’ to your place comes as a challenge. Which also makes handing spare keys to your regular dog walker or a friend; a risk. Chui, the startup focused in providing security solutions has come up with one of the best IoT applications ever. Chui’s product, ‘Intelligent Doorbell’, recognizes and notifies users when they have visitors and facilitates them remotely open their doors. Why hand over keys to anyone when you can greet them anytime and from anywhere.


So IoT applications have made smart homes and devices smarter. Connected to an IoT device at the product or equipment, users can control the same right with just mobile applications in their smartphone. With quite a number of products at every home there is now the complexity of maintaining a number of apps to control different products. Revolv’s solution unifies all products with IoT and tends to make a smart home simpler to maintain as well. Not just getting connected to the device the company’s app can also disconnect, when the users reach a particular distance from home that makes the device useless to him/her anymore and can also activate it automatically when the user reaches home.

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