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The best Driving Apps from Start to Stop

It really is every individual’s dream to be behind the wheels of that favorite car they were always craving to buy. And it’s really cool as well. Who doesn’t want to drive their favorite car to work or at least go on a fun road trip with their buddies? However, there is one thing that individuals put first at any place and time and has grown to be something that has become more of an addiction – smartphone utilization.

Getting a glimpse of that notification that made the phone beep out loud is not something we are not used to. Be it watching your favorite football game or a conference at your workplace. Taking a look at your phone every once in a while is a default task you perform wherever you are and while whatever you do. And at a serious task like driving, taking a quick look at the phone might prove a great risk and might also pose as a potential damage causing factor. And with all the benefits a smartphone provides, it would really be a shame, for it to be blamed for disaster.

Here are a few mobile applications that can now prove useful in keeping the drivers’ attention on the road and not be distracted by their smartphone’s chimes.

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Here is one mobile app that has made using mobile phones while driving a real necessity. With just your smartphone mounted at the dashboard and the camera on, this app alerts the drivers when they get too close to the vehicle in front or steer off the road. The app monitors the vehicle’s distance from the one in front and sounds different alerts when there is a safe distance between them, when the vehicle has to be maintained at a safe distance and when your vehicle is too close to the one in front. When was the last time you parked your car and went round and round in the parking lot to find it when the lot was full? With the iOnRoad app, you no more have to. In addition to alerts and with the assistance from the GPS system in the smartphone, the app gives you the exact location of where you parked the car.

Texting while driving!

But even with regular alerts, the eagerness to check that message you just received or pick up your friend’s call might still prove a risk factor. Well there are apps to get rid of the risk as well. AT&T DriveMode is one of those apps that when turned on, prevents any notification to pop on your phone’s screen or receive any calls and even receive emails. All the user has to do is turn the app on and start driving. The app sends automated text messages preset by users as a reply to received texts and calls to let the sender know your unavailability to reply to the text or attend the call and the reason – of course, ‘driving’.

And that’s not it. There is one more catch. The app allows the user to select up to five contacts who they would like to receive and send messages or make and receive calls anytime. is another app that now blocks all calls and messages. But what makes it better than the rest is that the app doesn’t block the message completely. Instead, it reads out the text in your messages, emails and even calls. And in addition to reading the messages out loud, the app also replies to the texts with a preset message and even allows the users to reply to the messages by voice.

In addition, there are few other apps that reward drivers with offers and coupon codes when they drive fairly within the speed limit and apps that only block messages and calls, when the vehicle is driven more than 10mph.


A navigation app that is updated every minute by the very own people using it. From traffic signals, roadblocks and bad roads to even checkpoints and gas stations, users can keep the app updated with every ounce of detail by sharing every single detail at the same. And by synchronizing the app with facebook, users can also keep a track of where their ride is when waiting for a pickup and also know about friends en route to the same location as them.

Apps for On demand service

It is never pleasant to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with flat tires or empty gas tanks where it’s  definitely hard to get to a mechanic shop or even a gas station. Not to forget how hard getting a tow truck service is! These Roadside Assistance apps are focused on providing all the necessary services to help people get back on the road in no time. With no requirement to register to any monthly package, the users only pay for the service after it has been rendered. With quite a number of these assistance apps in use, and Honk have been graded the best by users.

Parking apps

Well, not exactly a bunch of apps to help you drive better. But essential ones to keep your drive stress free. It really is a trouble to find a parking space near your destination. And even if you finally do find a free parking spot; you now have to set your timer to remind you on how long you have the parking space to avoid getting a parking ticket.

Be it finding a parking space close to your destination or being reminded about the time there are now dozens of parking apps to do that for you. You can even reserve a parking spot for later and also pay for the parking spot online as well. And with all these features, few parking apps are now offering their users discounts and referral bonuses as well. ParkingPanda and BestParking are by far the best of all parking apps available in the market.

Unpredictable traffic and a simple pothole would more than suffice to ruin a good drive. And with all these driving apps, your smartphone will now suit as the best navigator you can ever get.

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