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Top 5 Fintech Clone scripts that will help you start a business today

Fintech Clone scripts are a great solution to fast track idea of a product into a business in quick and easily way  without any delay. Most often non-tech entreprenuers find it extremely difficult to start a technology business without being taken for a ride.

We’ve curated the list of the best fintech clone scripts that are available on the market.

#1 Blockchain powered Crowdfunding fintech clone script (Check HERE

Crowdfunding is a concept that allows entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas at an early stage to investors or early adopters for funding the project (ranging anything from publishing a story to building a cool product that the investors love), without any hassle. Though the concept has been around for a while now, since the advent of blockchain, a crowdfunding platform on the blockchain is one of the most sought after product by webmasters and entrepreneurs. Mainly because of the transparency and ease of use the technology offers. Blockchain technology opens up the possibility of allowing people across the world to pay in the cryptocurrency that is native to the platform. Using one of these fintech clone scripts you can build a crowdfunding platform quickly.

How do you make money by this Blockchain crowdfunding Fintech clone script?

Using one of these blockchain crowdfunding fintech clone scripts, the site owner can successfully monetize through a crowdfunding platform. There are various channels through which you (the site owner) can earn. Investors and early adopters are commonly called as Backers. Backers who want to invest in an idea or a project on the platform would have to purchase the cryptocurrency that is native to the platform. The price of which the site owner can determine against each fiat currency or another cryptocurrency. As more people purchase the cryptocurrency the demand for it increases, while driving up the value of your cryptocurrency. If anyone (project owners or backers) want to convert the native cryptocurrency to a fiat currency for withdrawal, you can charge them a small withdrawal / conversion fee for it.

fintech clone script

#2 Cryptocurrency Wallet Script (Check HERE)

Our second most favorite on the list of fintech clone scripts is the Cryptocurrency wallet script, which enables anyone to start a powerful multi-user cryptocurrency wallet platform. More number of users are getting acquainted with the benefits of using cryptocurrency. Businesses are slowly opening up to the idea of allowing users to pay for their services, products through popular cryptocurrencies. As a platform owner, You can signup more businesses to accept cryptocurrencies through your platform. Offering a seamless payment experience for both the customers and the businesses can help you weed out the competitors and sign up more users on the platform.

How do you make money using the Cryptocurrency Wallet Fintech clone script?

By using one of these fintech clone scripts, you can have users who would store their cryptocurrencies of their choice (provided it is supported by your platform). Once they have stored the cryptocurrencies, it becomes easier to transact through your platform. The more businesses that are available on your platform for your users to purchase from, the better. When a user purchases any product using your wallet, you can charge a small fee from the merchant’s side to maintain your services.

#3 Cross-border Money transfer script (Check HERE)

Financial emergencies can happen any time. Sending money within a short span of time across the border can be a pain staking experience considering the huge exchange fees and currency valuations etc. Money transfer fintech clone scripts allow you to start a money transfer service that is supported across the globe and transactions are done in an instant.

How can you make money using the cross-border money transfer fintech clone script?

The person transferring the money would have to first purchase the cryptocurrency using the fiat currency of the choice. Once the amount is converted into a cryptocurrency, the exact amount is sent to the recepient who can then convert it to their local currency. By using your platform, both parties can save a huge sum on the transaction fees and exchange fees. You can charge them a small fee for the overall transaction.

#4 Bitcoin lending and borrowing script (Check HERE)

Money lending fintech services can help people from all walks of life, whether they want to invest or use the money for starting a business or for their child’s education. Whitelabled Bitcoin lending and borrowing fintech clone scripts can help you setup a powerful and highly configurable bitcoin lending business that can help people around the world, while still allowing you to make money by maintaining and offering the service.

How can you make money using the bitcoin lending and borrow fintech clone script?

For customers who are lending, you as a platform owner can set a tenure to hold the bitcoins and then promise them a rate / bitcoin unit higher than the amount they invested within a duration, this would be a guaranteed sum irrespective of the fluctuations. The trending price of the bitcoin would help you fetch more margins when it is sold at a higher price. For customers who are borrowing the money, you can ask them to repay the amount with a small percentage as interest. Since both the lending and borrowings are carried out on the platform it is profitable.

#5 P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange script (Check HERE)

A very commonly talked about business, but hardly has takers mostly because of the time and resources it takes to run it. Most often, the exchanges which are currently present shut door on new users who wish to trade on their platforms, owing to their user limitation. This leaves people in the dark when they are keen to invest in cryptocurrencies but don’t have the avenue to purchase them. This gives the opportunity to newer exchanges. Using a cryptocurrency exchange fintech clone script, you can start your own cryptocurrency exchange.

How can you make money using the cryptocurrency exchange fintech clone script?

All the transactions done on the exchange, right from tranding of the cryptocurrencies to withdrawal to a fiat currency, you can charge them a small fee to maintain the service and grow the exchange the business.


Additional Tip: Starting a fintech business with these fintech clone scripts is one thing, to grow the business you’d need a strong business strategy and a marketing strategy for your fintech business.


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