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Best Microfinance software solutions for your lending business

The very Best Microfinance software solutions are curated here on this list. Take your pick and start your microfinance business today!

BitInvest Microfinance software solutions (Check HERE)

BitInvest is one of the best microfinance software solutions available on the market, power-packed with unique intuitive features, this microfinance software solution is a crowd favorite.

BitInvest is a Peer to Peer lending and borrowing software, it has separate panels for lenders and borrowers and the user journeys for both are well designed and easy to use. Borrowers can choose from a range of tenures and interest rates to opt for.

Lenders will have to pick out a tenure from the options on their dashboard so that they get the returns the site promises. The system has a powerful admin panel that allows the admin to set up and manage various aspects of the site such as tenure periods, interest rates for both lenders and borrowers, easy know your customer (KYC) module, SMS sending panel, messaging to an individual user, reporting and analytics, due payment reminder etc.

Best Microfinance software solutions

OpenCBS Microfinance software solutions

OpenCBS is among the best microfinance software solutions and is open source. They have a hosted cloud-based version that is paid, but the community-powered software is equally good and has all the features necessary to start your microfinance business.

The software has a clean UI, account opening and closing flow, loan configuration, easy disbursement process, automatic penalties calculation, savings management, loan management, guarantor detail capturing, loan schedule generation, loan rescheduling, savings account, client flagging, analytics, and reporting are some of the features.

There are some power up add-ons that you can purchase to enhance the software or you if you know how to hire a microfinance app developer, then go ahead and customize the software to your liking.

Habile microfinance software solutions

Next up on our list of best microfinance software solutions, habile’s software takes the third spot.

Their software has features such as loan origination system which accelerates the loan approval process, loan management system, payment due reminder, customizable loan tenure, SMS notification, email notification, bulk collection sheet entry, accounting management system, cash, and accrual accounting module, enhanced reports and analytics, fraud prevention systems.

Habile has built a very customer friendly easy to use UI that is clean and your users won’t have much trouble navigating through the platform’s pages. The software can even be extended later on to build more new features with the help of the API endpoints.

Nelito microfinance software solutions

Our fourth entry on the best microfinance software solutions list is Nelito Microfinance software. There has been a lot of thinking that has gone into this product. It has features that are law and regulatory compliant, designed in such a way that it’s easy to use by a novice while the system itself is powerful under the hood.

According to the makers of the software by using this software you can reduce costs, improve your loan disbursement decision and disbursement rate efficiently, over time increase the profitability. The software supports role-based user creation, sub-admin, account manager, field assistant and user, EMI calculation, scheduling and collection, online loan application, know your customer (KYC) for a smoother onboarding process.

The software comes with complete documentation on how to set up the software and how to use it. Mobile apps aren’t part of the standard package, you could build one using the robust APIs available through the platform.

Websoftex microfinance software solutions

Our fifth choice on the list of best microfinance software solutions is Websoftex’s software.

Built on PHP, MySql, and other web technologies, this microfinance software comes with a powerful admin panel that allows the admin to control the site granularly and disburse loans efficiently.

The key aspects of the site are effortless onboarding user journey and the simplicity with which the user can apply for a loan through the platform. Websoftex has a very customer friendly team that helps its customers set up the software in case they face any issues while installing. The script is also well documented.

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