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Best Mobile payment script and Softwares

Consumers are actively choosing to pay through their mobile phones, with services like Applepay, Alipay, Venmo and Paytm already trying to get a market share, still, there are untapped territories that new payment systems could tap into. We’ve lined up some of the best Mobile payment script and softwares.

#1 Fintech by Bitexchange (Check HERE)

Featured as our first among the best mobile payment script and softwares is Fintech by Bitexchange. This blockchain powered money transfer app allows two users who live in two different countries to pay and receive money from each other. Let’s assume “John” who lives in the US, wants to transfer money to “Dorothy” in France. He can simply log into the app, deposit the amount, ex. $1000 in his account using his credit card. Now, once the amount is deposited, he can enter the registered mobile number of Dorothy (she should be registered on the app as well), keys in the amount he wants to send and hits transfer. The amount then gets converted to Stellar Tokens (XLM) by the platform. Finally, XLM tokens are shown in their Euro value equivalent (€880). When Dorothy chooses to withdraw the amount is sent to the bank account she provided. This mobile payment script is based on Nodejs, MongoDB and Apple’s Swift. This ensures that it can take up more requests concurrently without any lag. As a platform owner, you can charge a transaction fee for each transfer done on the platform.

Mobile payment script and softwares

#2 Paytm / Venmo mobile payment clone script and software (Check HERE)

Paytm / Venmo mobile payment clone script and softwares’ backend is built on Php and MySQL, the apps are native Android and iOS. This, however, doesn’t use blockchain technology to transfer the money. The user logs in and deposits the amount in the mobile wallet under his account using a credit card or a debit card. He enters the number of the person he wants to send the money to and then taps send. The money is then sent to the other user’s wallet, where he/she can withdraw it. Again, for each transaction, you can charge a fee for it.

#3 Paystand mobile payment script and Software

Featured as a third entrant in the Mobile payment script and softwares list, Paystand is a B2B mobile payment script that aims to make the fund transfers between two businesses as seamless as possible. While generating all the documents, invoices needed for taxation purposes. It complies with most business-focused regulations that each business is supposed to comply across different countries. The makers of this software have packed in all the necessary features that are required by different industries. While setting up, you would need to choose which industry your business belongs to and all the necessary fields, law compliant features are loaded alongside. It also has billing and payment automation that lets set a standing instruction on a particular day.

#4 ScriptStore mobile payment script and software

Scriptstore’s mobile payment script is an impressive addition to our list of mobile payment script and softwares. Though it carries a decent price tag, the features that it packs are quite impressive, it has a distributor module, an intuitive user panel where users can seamlessly transfer money to other users, scam prevention engine, Payment notification system, multiple payment gateway options, a robust API to build and extend new features on the script. As a developer, you could use it to complete your project using this script as well as it would save you time. The admin panel allows you to control every aspect of the site and it displays all the crucial data about the transactions done through the platform. You can even add multiple agents who can operate their panel from Kiosks. If you’re looking for a complete solution, this could be a choice.

#5 DoD IT Mobile payment script and software

Among the list of mobile payment script and softwares, though this features last, it is an impressive script worth considering. It’s truly a Paytm clone with all the features like Payment transfer, hotel, bus, flight and train bookings built into it (Most feature works only in India). But you could always customize it to use it in other countries. This Mobile payment script and software has Role-based user permissions, Coupon generation and management system, Ticketing system, Revenue management, markup management, Commission management, SMS composing, scheduling and management, Product and services type inventory, Digital and Physical product types, Advanced reports, API management, Ad inventory, site-wide notices, one on one customer messaging, support ticket management and complies with SEO standards prescribed by Google from time to time.

These are some of the best mobile payment script and softwares, if you feel that we have left a script out, do let us know in the comments below.

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