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Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2015

WordPress has many free themes available, with more coming out frequently. However, for a business owner, free themes might not be enough to run all the functions required on a e-commerce website or main website of the business. In such cases, the owner looks for best premium WordPress themes to really make a website fully functional and beautiful. The best of WordPress themes are of course, not free, but they are worth their weight in gold. If you are looking for some good WordPress themes for your own WordPress website, then we have got some very good recommendations for you. In this article, we will be taking a look at ten of the best premium WordPress themes 2015 offered for sale by Elegant-Themes( click HERE ). They have a really amazing selection of WordPress themes that are perfect for use in various websites. In this list we will be focusing on two kinds of themes – magazine themes and e-commerce themes, because these are the two most commonly used layouts for business websites.

To get the most out of these themes, you need to understand their capabilities and then decide whether these themes would be suitable for use on your website or not. The best premium WordPress themes will be customizable to fit on any sort of website, but it is still recommended that you select only those premium WP themes which are really suitable for your website. A perfect fit will be really useful in the long term. Let us begin our list by first looking at five magazine themes and later five e-commerce themes.

1) The Style ( Get it HERE )
The first theme on our list of the best premium WordPress themes for 2015 is TheStyle. As the name implies, this is quite a stylish magazine theme that will give your website a very sophisticated look at first glance. Behind all the glam lies a very well laid out theme framework. The theme is cross-browser compatible, has secure and valid code, comes in five unique colors so that you can mix and match as you please, and has a lot of customization options, with the help of shortcodes. In short, TheStyle is a very good fit for most magazine based themes and is worthy of a spot on our list of best WordPress themes.

2) The Source ( Get it HERE )
Next up on the list of best premium WordPress themes 2015 is The Source. This is a crazily modifiable theme, that can be shaped into any layout that you want. By default it comes with a three-column grid, along with a full-width homepage slider. However, you can modify the layout into other sophisticated layouts to suit your website’s design. So you can display as much or as little content as you want on the homepage, and give your visitors a very interesting look every time. The visual elegance of this theme is quite remarkable, and you will be pleased with the end result once you install this theme for your website. The theme also comes with four unique colors so that you have enough choice to keep your site looking fresh and bright at all times.

3) eNews ( Get it HERE )
The third theme on our list of best premium WordPress themes for 2015 is eNews. This theme is described as being an exercise in crispness and subtlety. Aimed at websites providing news and other information, this theme offers a professional look not matched by the other themes on this list of best WordPress themes. Among all the premium Word Press themes that we’ve seen so far, this one offers the safest choice if you’re confused about choosing from among so many other themes. With this theme you can be assured that your website will have a crisp and professional look that will attract your visitors’ attention and make them stay for a longer time on the website. As with the other websites on the list of premium WP themes, this theme is fully customizable and comes in multiple colors. Another neat feature is that this theme updates automatically to the latest version for free, without you having to worry about paying for a new version each time.

4) eGamer ( Get it HERE )
Aimed at gaming websites (but also usable for other magazine themed sites), eGamer is an interesting entry to our list of best premium WordPress themes. This wild-looking theme is mainly intended to be used for professional video game blogs. It includes a ton of features specifically targeted at such blogs, including thumbnail resizing, video embedding, a custom author review system, banner ads, popular articles section and so on. The video integration part is especially important, because no gaming website would be complete without proper videos. Another interesting aspect of eGamer is its rating system, which is essential for e video game website. The rating system makes it easy to rate and review games on the website, so that the users can immediately get to know of a game’s score without having to read the entire article or watch the entire video. eGamer is thus a powerful entry on our list of premium WordPress themes.

5) Bold ( Get it HERE )
Living up to its name, Bold offers a really bold look to your website. This is one of the most raw looking themes we’ve seen on our list of best premium WordPress themes for 2015. Everything about the look oozes strength – the design, the font and typography, the textures and so on. The theme even comes with five unique color schemes so that you can experiment further with making your blog even bolder. The theme comes with its own easy to use control panel, which allows the admin to quickly turn on/off important settings and modules. As far as best WordPress themes go, this one is surely a strong entrant. You will be pleased with how seamlessly the theme blends with the core of your website and gives it a rugged look.

This concludes our list of magazine based themes. Now let us move on to e-commerce type themes, which are really exciting for business owners.

Best Premium WordPress-Themes-2015-1024x509

6) Boutique ( Get it HERE )
The first entry on our best premium WordPress themes 2015 for e-commerce websites is Boutique. It is a well-designed e-commerce theme that integrates with some of the most commonly used e-commerce plugins. So if you have purchased any special plugins to help with your online store, you can continue using them with this theme. The theme itself offers a very professional storefront look to your website. Products are displayed clearly with a neat description wherever required, and the layout is very user-friendly. An interesting aspect of customizing this theme is that it offers unlimited color schemes. You can mix and match colors to your heart’s content until you find the right combination of colors to drive up user interaction on the website. Boutique is thus a fine addition to our list of premium WordPress themes.
7) Foxy ( Get it HERE )
The name might seem a little suspicious but Foxy is in fact a very well-made and professional theme, that offers a sophisticated look to your website. It is an all-in-one solution for e-commerce stores and earns a place on our list of best premium WordPress themes. The author of the theme describes it to be fun, but that it doesn’t let anything get in the way of its structure and functional layout. Now that’s an impressive theme. It features a responsive layout, which means that your website will adjust itself automatically to different screen sizes. Customers can easily purchase products from the mobile site either on their cell phones or tablets. As with our previous theme, this one too has an unlimited color scheme, which can really help you give a unique look to your website. So do check out this amazing theme that offers you a lot of options at a fun yet professional price.

8) StyleShop
Moving on to the next theme in our list of best premium WordPress themes, StyleShop is the stylish equivalent of an e-commerce theme. With bold, dark tones, this theme gives your website a stunning and stylish look, enticing customers to purchase impulsively. The theme comes with a whole lot of customization options, which makes it easy to manage your e-commerce store. In case you are not a fan of dark themes, you can easily tweak the colors till you find your choice. As with the other themes on our list of premium WP themes, this theme has a responsive design, thus giving a good viewing experience to mobile device users. It even comes with its own localization options, which could prove useful if you need to operate in a non-English location. So give this theme a spin and check out if it meets your criteria of being one among the best WordPress themes.

9) eStore ( get it HERE )
One of the best features of eStore is that it comes pre-loaded with some useful e-commerce plugins, including eShop and Simple PayPal Shopping cart. Apart from this, the theme makes it easy to add other plugins of a similar nature, thus making it a truly open-ended framework for running an e-commerce store. That is why it finds a place in our list of best premium WordPress themes. The look and layout of the theme are quite simple and effective. It comes along with a bunch of useful shortcodes, which make it easy to design and organize your posts. You can even create complex layouts of your own if the need arises, and the shortcodes will ensure that everything runs as it is supposed to. Thus you can avoid having to learn about coding or anything technical to make advanced changes to your website.

Premium WordPress Themes-2015

10) Harmony Band
Harmony Band is a premium WordPress theme targeted towards musicians and bands. This is a very interesting entry on our list of best premium WordPress themes for 2015, because the level of functionality it offers musicians is mind-boggling. With this theme, the band or the musician can play songs, handle events, sell merchandise, upload photos and more! And the design of the theme itself looks so neat and professional, that non-musicians might get a little disappointed about not being able to use this theme for their own website. (Note: You still can use this theme for non-music websites, but most of the functions might remain idle) Like with the other themes on our list of premium Word Press themes, this one has a responsive design, includes shortcodes, page templates, its own admin panel and unlimited updates as and when a new version comes out. So if you’re a musician or you need a website for your band, then Harmony Band is the best premium WordPress theme for you.
Thus concludes our list of the top ten best premium WP themes 2015. You might have seen a lot of variety among these ten themes. If you wish to see more of ElegantThemes’ themes, you can head over to their website to view their full catalogue. The ones listed in this list however, are no doubt the premium WordPress themes that money can buy right now. They can be customized to fit any website and will store your content efficiently. Since all of them are responsive themes, your visitors will be able to view your website in an unbroken form on any device that they use. This spares you the trouble of separately designing a mobile website.

Do remember to keep an eye out for any updates from WordPress. Even the best WordPress themes need to be changed when the core WordPress installation gets updated. In most cases, you will automatically receive the updates for the theme and you can install them in the click of a button. Keeping the premium WP themes updated will ensure that your website remains secure at all times.
And if you are among those who like to keep changing the themes on their websites, then do remember to keep looking for new top WordPress themes 2015, as they are always coming out, by the day. This truly amazing community is what helps WordPress maintain its reputation as the best blogging platform of all time.

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